Haley Morris-Cafiero

Capturing a Stranger’s Sneer: What Happened When I Put On Spandex

I remember when I found the idea for the new images in my “Wait Watchers” series. I was in a sports equipment store with my husband, who was buying new running shoes.  While I waited, I walked around the store. A pair of pink, shiny running shorts caught my eye.  I walked to the rack, picked up the hanger holding the shorts in front of my face and stared at the shiny fabric.

“Yeah, right,” I heard someone say.

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How I Got Back at the Strangers Who Mock Me for Being Fat

I was traveling with students in Barcelona in the summer of 2011, walking through La Rambla, when I noticed two guys making fun of me. I could see them in the reflection of a mirrored building, making gestures with their hands to suggest how much bigger I was than the thin girl standing next to me, her small waist accentuated by her crop top and cut-off shorts. They painted her figure in the air like an hourglass. Then they painted my shape like the convex curves of a ball. The guys were saying something, too, but there was only one word I could make out: Gorda. Fat woman.

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