Gail Robinson

These Schools Skip Standardized Tests, and Have Higher Graduation Rates to Show for It

The role of standardized tests is one of the most contentious subjects in public education. And while many people oppose high-stakes testing, few offer concrete proposals for other ways of measuring student progress. But for more than 20 years, schools in the New York Performance Standards Consortium have quietly demonstrated an alternative.

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Glued to the Screen: Inside a 3rd Grade Classroom Where Kids Spend 75% of the Day on iPads

INEOLA, N.Y. — When the 24 third-graders in Morgan Mercaldi’s class arrive at the Jackson Avenue School every morning, they take their iPads out of their backpacks and put them on their desks. The tablets will remain there, or in hands and laps, until the children put them in their packs to take them home.

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Class in the Classroom: Why Middle-Income Students Are Being Left in the Dust

The following content originally appeared on City Limits

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