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Charter Schools Are Making School Segregation Worse - And Their Supporters Need to Own Up to That

Charter schools didn’t create segregation but the charter school movement isn’t helping to end it either.

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Many Hispanic Students Never Have a Teacher Who Looks Like Them

This story is part of a series looking at a shortage of black and Hispanic teachers and ideas for recruiting more to the profession. Other stories will look at how the decline of traditional preparation programs has cut off a pipeline of black teachers and two efforts to identify more potential teachers from low-income, minority neighborhoods.

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Fifty Years After Landmark School Segregation Report, Small Towns and Big Cities Wait for the Tide to Turn

African American students are just as likely to attend segregated schools today as they were in 1966, the year the seminal study known as the Coleman Report led to the desegregation of public schools.

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How Free Books Could Put an End to One College Cost Problem

College students in Rhode Island will save a collective $5 million a year if a plan to replace traditional textbooks with free materials is effective.

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Why "Wraparound" Services, Despite Their Advantages, Will Never Be the Solution to Bad Policy Decisions

We’re not going to “non-profit” our way out of poverty, housing affordability and economic injustice.

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Eligible but Got Nothing: Hundreds of Thousands of People with Disabilities Blocked from College Aid

QUEENS, N.Y. — Wendy Thompson always knew she wanted her son to go to college, but she didn’t realize so many people would disagree.

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The Five Things No One Will Tell You About Why Colleges Don't Hire More Faculty of Color

The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them. We simply don’t want them.”

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What Will It Take to Stop the Exodus of Minority Teachers?

Minority teachers are being driven out of schools by poor working conditions at rates higher than their non-minority colleagues, which only undermines years of recruitment efforts that have targeted minority teachers.

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What If Every Kid Got to Go to Summer Camp … During the School Year?

It was early evening in late May. Dinner was done and caper crews of students — “caper” is camp-speak for “chore” — had stacked the firewood into wheelbarrows, swept the dining hall floor, and (eew!) cleaned the bathrooms. The fading spring light slanted through the trees as the girls from Dogwood Cabin headed back to their bunks to practice their end-of-week skit.

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