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Here are eight key moments from the first Democratic debate

On Wednesday night, the 2020 Democratic primaries finally got underway in earnest as 10 of the 20 candidates who had met the party's eligibility criteria took to the stage in Miami for the first of two nights of debating.

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Six takeaways from Joe Biden's Iowa speech eviscerating Donald Trump

Joe Biden and Donald Trump traded barbs in dueling speeches in Iowa on Tuesday. Trump called Biden a "dummy," and repeatedly referred to him as "sleepy Joe." Biden, who has been known to ramble, gave a lengthy, focused speech methodically making the case that Trump is unfit to be president, much less be given a second term.

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Thomas Frank Talks to Joshua Holland About the 'Hard-Times Swindle' and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right

On Sunday, we were proud to debut the AlterNet Radio Hour, hosted by Joshua Holland, on We Act Radio in Washington DC. It's a weekly show featuring progressive journalists, activists and maybe a few wonks.

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AlterNet's Most Widely Read Stories of 2011

It was an eventful year, from the Arab Spring to the growth of the Occupy Movement. Regimes fell, Osama Bin Laden was killed and the fabric of the European Union appeared to fray. 

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Help Us Name and Shame the Climate Cranks Sabotaging Our Environment

For years, climate "skeptics" have denied the near-unanimous scientific consensus around global warming in an effort to delay action.  

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Immigration: The Failure of ICE

The report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the program that authorizes collaboration between police and immigration agents provides the best argument yet to get rid of it. The lack of interest shown by the Office of Immigration and Custom (ICE) in fulfilling the program's stated purpose has led to a poorly supervised and misdirected process.

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Immigrant Prisoners Stage Uprising in Texas

Details are still sketchy of an inmate uprising at a privately-operated federal detention facility in West Texas last Saturday. Reports in the U.S. and Mexican press suggest the revolt, involving hundreds prisoners at the Reeves County Detention Center in Pecos, Tex., erupted after complaints of poor medical treatment went unheeded.

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