David Cay Johnson

Bucking the experts, Trump and the GOP continue to act like the coronavirus is no big deal

Worried about the coronavirus? Then you’ll be frightened to learn about Donald Trump’s cheapskate budget proposals for fighting disease.

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Here’s how Nancy Pelosi is forcing Trump and Republicans over a cliff

Who’s looking smart this President’s Day now that Senate Republicans held a show trial with no witnesses before acquitting Donald Trump on two impeachment charges?

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David Cay Johnston issues dire ‘warning’ after reading ‘Anonymous’ book: Trump is stupid, crazy and dangerous

At DCReport we’ve scored an advance copy of the most anticipated book of the year, “A Warning” by “Anonymous, A Senior Trump Administration Official.” This book, which goes on sale Nov. 19, is as important, fascinating and easy to read as any book in our times.

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Trump created the bloody disaster in northern Syria. Biographer David Cay Johnston explains how we make sure he owns it

Vladimir Putin must be smiling – even laughing out loud — at the bungling Donald Trump’s crazy mess in Syria.

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Applying the twisted logic of the Second Amendment absolutists to Trump's anti-vaping policy

How revealing that just six deaths from vaping prompted Donald Trump to move Wednesday against e-cigarettes, while at least 276 deaths in massacres since he took office haven’t prompted any presidential move against assault rifles and other guns.

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David Cay Johnston: Here's how to beat Donald Trump in 2020

When will the Democrats realize that Donald Trump’s Twitter rants create an opportunity to stop his drive to become our Emperor? It’s an opportunity the Democrats (and the few Never Trump Republicans) squander every time they respond with moral outrage.

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Security clearances oversight transferred to Pentagon

The Trump Administration, after making a mess of security clearances for federal workers and contractors, is about to hand off to the Pentagon the biggest change in the clearance system in a half-century.

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How to fix a big problem with the Trump-radical Republican tax law

The American people got a highly misleading June 24 report from Congressional staff about the effect of repealing Donald Trump’s $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions, known as SALT.

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