Austin Sarat

Could President Trump be impeached and convicted — but also reelected?

The launching of an “official impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump’s conduct has sailed America into largely uncharted waters.

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How Democrats turned a venerable legal tool into a declaration of war

Legal briefs, in even the most high profile cases, rarely make headlines. They are technical documents intended to persuade judges in a case about particular points of law.

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A legal scholar details the stunning history of presidents nominating a loyalist as attorney general

With President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would nominate former Attorney General William P. Barr to fill the position again, Trump chose a prominent Republican lawyer with extensive government experience to run the Justice Department.

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Americans Aren't as Attached to Democracy as You Might Think

There is much to celebrate in the court decision against President Trump’s immigration ban. It was a stirring victory for the rule of law and reaffirmation of the independence of the judiciary. Yet America faces a serious problem which that decision did not address: the erosion of public faith in the rule of law and democratic governance.

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