Arun Gupta

How Donald Trump killed America

Donald Trump is a uniquely American threat to America. He has been tearing the country apart for five years. He wants Muslim bans and registries, to deport millions of immigrants, block all refugees, and turn all cops into deportation police.

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Far-Right Terrorism Is a Feature - Not a Bug - of Donald Trump’s Presidency

President Donald Trump is a terrorism-generating machine. In one week, America has been hit by three separate terrorist attacks directly connected to his sowing of division and promotion of violence.

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Forget Impeachment - Here Are 7 Other Ways Donald Trump’s Presidency Might Go Down in Flames

There’s an ironclad rule with Republican presidents — the greater their authoritarianism and incompetence, the more spectacular the destruction they cause.

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Protesters Blockade Immigration Prison in Portland As Cops Plead ‘Allow ICE Employees to Go Home to Their Families’

In Portland, Oregon, the prison used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement is housed in a nondescript building tucked between a highway and the waterfront south of downtown. The tan three-story structure has darkened windows and no identifying marks. It’s surrounded by an 8-feet high metal fence, guarded by a security checkpoint, and cameras outside cover every angle.

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Immigrants Aren't Bludgeons for the Far-Right to Use Against Democrats

Immigrants are not your bludgeon to use against Democrats.

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There Was a Terrorist Attack in a Colorado Walmart Last Week, and No One Is Talking About It

Scott Ostrem, a 47-year-old, white man, walked into a Walmart north of Denver on Nov. 1 and opened fire. Eyewitnesses described him as “nonchalantly” shooting shoppers with a handgun, killing three.

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'Anti-Sharia' Rallies Brought out Pro-Trump Thugs, Internet-Radicalized and Spoiling for Violence

Alt-right events are harvests of hate. They draw militants seeded by Donald Trump, fertilized in the muck of the internet, and nurtured by the more than 900 hate groups around the United States.

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Why the West Coast Will Determine the Fate of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Despite a string of victories in the last few years limiting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure on the West Coast, Donald Trump’s presidency shows it was never going to be easy to defeat the oil and gas industry.

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More Than 1,600 Factory Workers Are Being Fired After Trump Said He'd Save Their Jobs: Here’s What They Have to Say

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana—Dragging on a cigarette as he sits in the hall of United Steelworkers Local 1999, Robert James says, “Trump stood on stage and lied about 1,100 jobs being saved at Carrier in Indianapolis.”

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Russia Had Every Reason to Hack the U.S. Presidential Election

With President Obama saying the United States will retaliate against Russia for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the White House must make public “conclusive evidence in a form that can be independently analyzed,” as a leading technology website argues.

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