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Bankrupt GM Begins Slashing Jobs

The General Motors flameout has been a disaster for blue collar Americans working on assembly lines. Out of 123,000 GM workers left in North America, 20,000 are scheduled to lose their jobs.

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McGovern Warns Obama of LBJ Legacy in Afghanistan

In 1964, President Johnson said of Vietnam that I don't think it's worth fighting for, and I don't think that we can get out. It's just the biggest damn mess I ever saw.'' Yet Johnson escalated the conflict and America became bogged down in Southeast Asia for more than a decade. Former Senator George McGovern recently sat down with ANP and said that President Obama runs the risk, like Johnson's Great Society, of hobbling his ambitious domestic goals if he continues to send troops into Afghanistan.

Mortgage Bankers Celebrate Their Big Victory

You would think this year's Mortgage Bankers Association annual meeting would be a rather solemn affair -- given the criticism the industry has endured in recent months. But our American News Project reporter attending the meeting found the bankers in a celebratory mood. The reason? A massive lobbying campaign against bankruptcy reform legislation known as "cram-down" appeared to be working.

Goldman Vet Sparks Conflict on Hill

Barack Obama's plan to name yet another Goldman Sachs alum to his economic team is proving too much for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Sanders put a hold on the nomination of Gary Gensler to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, effectively stopping the nomination process in its tracks. Sanders says Gensler, who spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs and then joined the Treasury Department under Bill Clinton, played too big a role in deregulating derivatives in the 90s' to be trusted to reregulate the market now.

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Is This the Moment for a True Populist Movement?

Everyone agrees: The populist fires are burning. But what's next? Bob Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, thinks our historic moment could push Obama farther to the left. But only if the forces of the left start pushing.

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What Happened When I Gatecrashed Dozens of Capitol Hill Fundraising Parties

When I showed up unannounced--and with a video crew in tow--at a couple dozen Congressional fundraisers on Capitol Hill, I felt as if I were channeling two paragons of contrarian virtue: first, Diogenes the Cynic, the ancient Greek sage who carried a lantern around Athens during the daytime, looking for an honest man; second, the great sociologist Harold Garfinkel, who in the 1960s pioneered the use of what he called "breaching experiments," interactions in which researchers intentionally breach unspoken rules of conduct to reveal hidden features of our social order.   

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Protesters Turn Up the Political Heat in Washington to Demand Greener Energy

Last weekend, twelve thousand students converged on Washington demanding the U.S. lead the world with a cleaner, greener, and more innovative energy policy. Powershift 09 attracted double the numbers of its 07 convention. All day long, students filled the halls of Congress lobbying their elected officials to fight global warming. Meanwhile, a parallel protest called the Capitol Climate Action was taking place out in the streets. Thousands marched to the Capitol Power Plant (owned by Congress) demanding that it convert from coal to natural gas. Activists like writer Bill McKibben, poet Wendell Berry, and NASA scientist James Hansen—who all risked arrest to make their point—hailed the days activities as the kickoff for a year of worldwide mobilizations leading to the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December.

Coal Action Heats Up Capitol This Weekend

Global warming is lighting a fire on today's campuses, and this weekend thousands of students will come to D.C. to rally, lobby and get arrested for a clean-energy economy. ANP talks with young activists about why this issue inspires their generation, and we hear from Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., about why the time is right for civil disobedience.

Coal Action Heats Up Capitol Hill

Global warming is lighting a fire on today's campuses, and this weekend thousands of students will come to D.C. to rally, lobby, and get arrested for a clean energy economy. ANP talks with young activists about why this issue inspires their generation, and we hear from Congressman Jim Moran about why the time is right for civil disobedience.

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Who Decides What Your Children Are Eating?

To a large degree, it is the Federal Government, Congress and the Department of Agriculture approve what foods can (and can't) be served to over 30 million American school children who get daily meals from the National School Lunch Program. The government gets a ton of pressure from a food and beverage industry frantic to keep kids hooked on a diet of sodas, snacks and hot dogs. The competition, for a piece of this $10 billion market, is particularly fierce right now because this year, the School Lunch Program is being reviewed and revised.

Despite the enormous nutritional and financial stakes at play, ANP was the only media to cover a recent panel set up to discuss the school menu. While nutritionists outnumbered the press, corporate lobbyists outnumbered everyone.

Coincidentally, this article was released in the New York Times recently:


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