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Why Trump's judges are the worst of the worst

As the Senate moves closer to confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Americans are reminded that voting is crucial and elections have consequences. Trump, with the help of Senator Mitch McConnell, has appointed more than 200 judges with racist, sexist, homophobic, and nationalist views. The worst part is that these judges were given lifetime appointments. They will make crucial decisions about access to health care, voting rights, women's reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, gun safety, the environment, immigration and executive power for decades to come.

In the timely new short film, "Trump's Judges: The Worst of the Worst" from Brave New Films Action Fund, we are introduced to some of these judges whose decisions will affect each and every one of us.

How has Trump had so many vacancies to fill? Republicans blocked Obama's judicial nominations for two years. So for the past four years, Mitch McConnell has 'packed the courts.' As he says in the film, "My motto is leave no vacancy behind!" We can't afford another four years of this. Let's let everyone know what's at stake in this election and remind them to vote.

Trump's Judges: The Worst of the Worst - BRAVE NEW FILMS ACTION FUND (BNF)

You can fight voter suppression — here’s how

With the November election less than three months away, the threat to our democracy couldn’t be higher. Trump and the Republicans are making it harder for every American to vote by denouncing mail-in voting as “fraud,” attempting to slow down the postal service and refusing to fund voting by mail during a deadly pandemic. This, of course, is in addition to the voter suppression tactics that have been targeting voters, especially voters of color, for years.

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Watch: These Tucson teens are making sure they don’t leave reproductive health education access up to chance

With reproductive rights under attack and sex ed considered taboo in their community, young people in Tucson have taken their sexual education into their own hands.

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Watch: New York City teens take charge in the fight against the school district’s segregation problem

Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, New York City’s public schools are among the most segregated in the nation.

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The voter suppression that stole Georgia's governor race in 2018

In the new short film “Suppressed: The Fight to Vote,” Brave New Films exposes rampant voter suppression that affected the outcome of the 2018 midterm election in Georgia and the threat it poses to our elections all across the nation in 2020. The issues Georgians faced included polling place closures, voter purges, missing absentee ballots, extreme wait times and a host of voter ID issues—all of which disproportionately prevented people of color from casting their ballots.

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Assata’s daughters: Meet the feminist black leaders fighting to change the South Side

Assata’s Daughters is a Black women-led organization formed by Black feminists and organizers in the South Side of Chicago as a reaction to the violence in their neighborhoods. Under the shared respect for and study of Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur, Assata’s Daughters provides mentorship for young people to participate in a meaningful way for Black lives. Members of Assata’s Daughters learn tactics and strategies to organize and address the many social issues that impact their world, such as gentrification, displacement, and police in schools.

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Watch: Here's how much you're really paying for Trump to golf

Donald Trump has spent nearly 200 days on a golf course since he took office and all but two have been at one of his own properties. Each time Donald Trump tees off, it costs the American people millions. With all of the money wasted bankrolling Trump’s lavish golf trips, we could fund a year’s salary for 2,050 public school teachers or provide housing to 1,221 families for a year.

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Families torn apart: America's deadly immigration policy

From babies to teenagers, the Trump administration continues to rip thousands of immigrant children away from their parents at the border. Despite a court order to halt the process, this inhumane policy of family separation continues. Six immigrant children have died in U.S. detention since Trump took office. Six families will never be reunited.

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Youth in action: School told them to be quiet — but see what these students did instead

Following the Parkland school massacre, students from Montgomery Country, Maryland were angry, grieving and scared. So what did they do? They quickly formed MoCo Students For Change and mobilized an estimated 6,000 students from over 40 schools in the area to attend a student rally on Capitol Hill that they organized to fight against gun violence.

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Watch: How young leaders combat gun violence from the root causes

After the Parkland shooting that took 17 young lives last February, students in Chicago decided to step up and speak out. Through grassroots organization, the young leaders of Communities United started a movement to spotlight their daily struggles and demand investment in communities of color. These students are advocating for employment opportunities, mental health services and funding for public schools as a way to combat gun violence by tackling the root causes.

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These Are All of Brett Kavanaugh's Lies

"You can’t lie your way onto the Supreme Court.” – Lynne Brookes, Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate

Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. His nomination to the Supreme Court should be cancelled.

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Trump's Accusers Were Silenced When He Became President – And It's Happening All Over Again With Kavanaugh

Trump’s support of Kavanaugh is, yet again, another example of men in power getting away with abusing women. How can we expect a man with a history of abusing women to defend the rights of women in the highest court?

Trump got away with it, and if we don’t do something now, Kavanaugh will get away with it too. For more on the sexual assault allegations against Trump, watch our video.

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Film: This Los Angeles-Based Gang Intervention Program Serves As a Model for Rehabilitation and Healing

To create lives of possibilities, we need to decriminalize trauma.

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Children Face Serious Health Complications from Trauma After Family Separations and Imprisonment at the Border

The Trump administration’s cruel immigration policy has created a humanitarian crisis at our border. Trauma at the Border, a new short video by Brave New Films, exposes the emotional, psychological and physical damage that can be done when children are imprisoned – even with their families.

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Prisons Are Making the Addiction Crisis Worse - Inmates Need Institutional Support to Prevent Recidivism and Relapse

Keith Whiteman was first locked up in 1995, at age 20. Three years in prison, five months out—then he offended again. Another two years in prison, seven months out. Three more times he returned, spending years behind bars and then a few months free. Each time he committed yet another offense (or several), all a byproduct of his addiction to drugs. “A recidivating machine,” Keith described himself to me.

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Keep Hospitals Safe From ICE

Since Trump has taken office, the Department of Homeland of Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have aggressively targeted undocumented immigrants. With increasing reports of ICE roundups and arrests near and inside hospitals, more and more undocumented immigrants must choose between remaining with their families or risking deportation for medical care—even if their lives depend on it.

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Mental Health Experts Demand an Independent Examination of Donald Trump

In Brave New Films' newest film, Mental Health Experts on Donald Trump, leading mental health experts speak out and call for an independent, expert-led examination of Trump’s mental fitness.

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It's Time to End the Horror of Immigrant Detention

Few Americans know about our nation's system of immigrant detention centers. Each year, the U.S. government locks up roughly 440,000 immigrants in over 200 immigrant prisons. These facilities have grown into a highly privatized, lucrative and abusive industry that profits off the misery of immigrants awaiting deportation.

Here at Brave New Films, we're doing everything we can to expose the abuses of the deportation industrial complex. In our new film, Immigrant Prisons, we explore conditions inside the detention centers, exposing substandard medical care, widespread physical and sexual abuse and virtual slave labor working conditions. These abuses happen behind closed doors with little to no oversight.

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Over 5 Million Families in America are at Risk of Being 'Divided by Deportation'

Trump has been attacking immigrant communities since his first days in office and shows no sign of slowing down. His cruel elimination of DACA, a program that protects nearly 1 million young people, is only the latest of Trump’s many despicable acts.

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Martin Sheen: Trump's Stance on Deportation and Immigration Is Warping the Soul of Our Country

Andres Magaña-Ortiz did everything right. He raised a loving family, built a solid business that employed his neighbors, gave his heart, soul and treasure to help his adopted country, and tried to become a citizen. But the paperwork didn’t pan out, and on July 7, 2017, this husband, father and deeply entrenched member of his community was deported to a country he barely remembered.

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Jerry Brown Should Stop Talking About Ending Deportation, and Start Signing Bills

This op-ed originally appeared in the Sacramento Bee on August 23, 2017.

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Watch: Free Undocumented Pastor Noe Carias from Detainment

Pastor Noe Carias preaches at a thriving Assemblies of God church in Los Angeles. He is also an undocumented immigrant. A devoted father, husband, and faith leader, for this one so-called “sin” he has been jailed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) since July 24, 2017.

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Trapped – Brave New Films Presents the Bail Trap Game

Being trapped results in physical experiences beyond those caused by the immediate environs in which you are stuck. You feel it in your muscles, in your chest, in your throat and in your stomach. It is, to say the least, uncomfortable. While I can’t claim to have ever been thrown behind bars, with no good options and for no good reason, I can safely say that this is likely at least some of what it feels like to be victimized by the unjust money bail system.  And we hope – strangely enough – that some of this translates into what you feel playing The Bail Trap game.

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How the Justice System Crushes People Who Can't Afford Bail

Imagine you’ve been charged with a crime and are sitting in jail awaiting your trial. Your bail is set to $5,000, leaving you with three options—if you’re rich and you pay the money up front, you can get out of jail and wait for your court date from the comfort of your home. If you’re poor and can’t afford the bail, you sit in jail and await your trial which could be months or even years away.

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Watch an Eye-Opening Social Experiment: 40 Strangers and 50 Striking, Intimate Questions

On Wednesday, May 24, 40 strangers entered a small photography studio near downtown Los Angeles. They found strips of white tape laid out in large boxes on the floor. In a few moments, a member of the Brave New Films production team would stand in front of a blue wall facing the 40 people. What happened next really surprised us all.

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Next International Trump Disaster Waiting to Happen: Sending a Murderer to Do a Diplomat’s Job in Iran

Hubris, in the wrong hands, can be the most dangerous weapon of all. Michael D’Andrea, the man Donald Trump has put in charge of intelligence operations in Iran, has more hubris than most. This was the man who invented the so-called signature strike, and stuck with it despite (deadly) evidence that it did not work. D’Andrea should not be getting a new job; he should be getting a lawyer to defend him against charges of war crimes. Instead, we are sending this murderer to do the job of a diplomat. Bad things are on the horizon.

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Brave New Films: What Everyone Can Do to Build Sanctuary Networks and Fight Trump's Evil Deportations

For millions of undocumented individuals living, working, and raising families in the U.S., January 20, 2017, is a rigid moment in time.

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Brave New Films: Prison Bureaucrats Play God Keeping Non-Violent, Terminally Ill in Jail Instead of With Family

Allison Rice’s dad was a 64-year-old, church-going Iowan father of four who owned a leasing business, got into financial trouble and broke the law trying to get out of it. He was a danger to no one, ever.

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Brave New Films: Trump Bombing Afghanistan to Look Strong Is Picking on One of the World's Poorest Nations

Thinking about the Trumpian decision last week to drop an enormous bomb on one of the world’s poorest country, I can’t help but flash back to that now infamous photo op of the leader of the free world at the wheel of a mammoth tractor-trailer. What that picture indelibly captured was the extent to which we are being governed by an id-controlled man-child. What that bomb made clear is how horrifying, how deadly, how dangerous that is on a global stage.

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Trump Flip Flops Once Again, Now Allowing Hedge Funds Their $180 Billion Tax Dodge

Imagine a tax scam so outrageous that even Donald Trump admits it’s inexcusable. Hard to believe, I realize, but it’s all on tape right here – along with more information about how organizers are sidestepping the cash-drunk powers that be in Washington and working to put billions of dollars back into state budgets.

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