Davin Hutchins

The EPA and the Curse of Coal Ash

In March of 2000 during the last days of the Clinton administration, the EPA decided coal ash was a hazardous waste and then two months later, changed its mind. If the EPA had stuck to its guns, the Kingston Coal Ash disaster in Tennessee might have been averted. The push now is to have coal ash federally regulated.

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The Election of Obama and the White Supremacist Threat

It's the taboo subject you're not supposed to talk about -- Barack Obama's safety in light of the rise of white supremacists in America. American News Project investigates in Memphis, Tennessee, where our cameras infiltrate the Stormfront.org Euro Conference. We probe the minds of the Anti-Defamation League, the Racist Skinhead Project and David Duke to assess legitimate threats to the next U.S. presidency.

Sarah Palin Gives Up on Muslim Attacks

Amid a growing distrust among her conservative Christian supporters of anything Islamic, Sarah Palin goes on record stating emphatically that Republicans and the McCain-Palin ticket welcome all Muslims, adding "it is not acceptable in my book" to discriminate on the basis of religion.

Her message of tolerance comes amid a growing tide of Islamophobia at McCain-Palin presidential rallies in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

How Christian fundamentalists interpret her remarks in the last days of the campaign is anyone's guess.

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Police Trap Peaceful Protesters in Denver

A calm political protest quickly turned chaotic as anxious police surrounded thousands of marchers heading toward Denver's Convention Center, using tear gas, batons and aggression.

Murdoch Opens Corporate News Theme Park

ANP takes a humorous look at the grand achievement of the Newseum - a multi-million dollar shrine to the news industry brought to you by today's corporate media titans.

Despite all the money, the curators might have failed on one key question: What is news?

Major Public Outcry Against an Extremely Harsh Immigration Approach in Virginia

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates more than 10 million undocumented immigrants reside in the United States. In the absence of a national policy to stem the rise of illegals, some local governments are taking matters into their own hands. Virginia's Prince William County has implemented the "rule of law" policy which allows officers to arrest people suspected of being in the U.S. illegally and expedite deportation. And citizens are up in arms.

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