Feel the Bern: Sanders announces 2020 presidential run with salvo bashing 'racist, sexist' Trump

Bernie Sanders officially announced his run for president this morning, with an interview on Vermont Public Radio, saying he's "ready to 'move the revolution forward."

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Chicago Police Accused of Planting Evidence on "NATO 3" Protesters

 Lawyers for three protesters arrested on terrorist-related charges ahead of the Nato summit have accused police of entrapping them and encouraging an alleged bomb-making effort.

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Drug War Disaster: Student Busted for Pot Abandoned in Cell, Forced to Drink Own Urine to Survive

 LOS ANGELES — US drug-busting authorities apologized to a student who said he was driven to drinking his own urine and trying to kill himself after being abandoned in a cell for five days.

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Can Jobs Grow From Marijuana? Spanish Village Considers Using Pot to Rebuild Economy

The Spanish village of Rasquera was voting Tuesday on a plan to rent out a field for growing cannabis in an urgent bid to create jobs and raise money to pay off its debts. 

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Why Obama Must Join The Drug War Debate in Colombia

 All wars end. Eventually. Even the war on drugs – resilient for so long – is starting to show signs of exhaustion. It is 42 years since President Nixon introduced the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970. The act set out to reduce or eliminate the production, supply and consumption of illegal drugs. A year later, after a report revealed a heroin epidemic among US servicemen in Vietnam, the Nixon administration coined the phrase "war on drugs".

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Cute Puppies Against Gitmo

The latest video from AgitPop TV -- Cute Puppies Against Gitmo.

Ex-AG Took Down License Plates of Visitors to Dr. Tiller's Clinic, Ethics Probe Reveals

An ethics complaint lodged against former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline reveals that the ex AG engaged in unethical and deeply disturbing behavior in his crusade against Dr. Tiller, the late-term abortion provider murdered last May. Among the most disturbing charges is the accusation that Kline sent staff to record the license plate numbers of visitors to Dr. Tiller's clinic and subpoenaed the guest list from a hotel used by patients. The Kansas City Star lists some of the other complaints against Kline:

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GOP Is Overjoyed At the Unprecedented Influence Corporations Will Now Have in Federal Campaigns

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the conservative group Citizens United made a movie critical of Hillary Clinton but was barred from distributing it on local cable systems because federal courts said it “looked and sounded like a long campaign ad, and therefore should be regulated like one.” The Supreme Court then took up the case and in its much-anticipated decision, today ruled 5-4 to allow corporations and unions to spend unlimited funds in support for, or opposition of, federal candidates. The monumental ruling throws out a “a 63-year-old law designed to restrain the influence of big business and unions on elections.

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McCain Insists 'Everyone Knows the Facts,' Then Gets the Facts Totally Wrong

This video, via TPM, is interesting. McCain, discussing the Underwear Bomber, says repeatedly that everyone knows the facts of the case. He then proceeds to repeat discredited right-wing talking-points that are anything but factual.

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