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My 'Hypocrisy' About Covering the Bush Daughters

I regret covering their drinking, but at least they were adults. Outing the Obama girls' vacation spot puts them at very real risk.

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Thumbing your nose at convention when it comes to revealing the whereabouts of the 14 and 11 year old daughters of the president? That’s an entirely different story, and any Republican who wants to change the party’s reputation with minority voters ought to at least think about how very different it is.

To show how low the right is going, and their incapacity for reflection when it comes to Obama, post-Breitbart, post-CNN former mini-star Dana Loesch Tweeted this about my Bush daughters’ story:

Heh. @JoanWalsh says it’s racist to attack the first daughters, forgets her own racism of attacking first daughters:

I don’t get the reference to racism, but I don’t get a lot of right-wing humor.


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