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Election Day Live: Obama Called Winner, Big Night for Drug Reform

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Republican Linda McMahon is running for a Senate seat against Democrat Chris Murphy in a deep blue state, and she's trying to do everything in her power to distance herself from Mitt Romney and her party. Last week she urged black voters to support her and Obama. And now, the Connecticut Mirror reports:

The U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Linda McMahon outfitted its urban poll standers today in purple T-shirts styled after those worn by SEIU, the liberal union that is backing Democrat Chris Murphy.

"It clearly is a rip off of our shirts," said Paul Filson, the political director of SEIU, which represents many minority health care workers. "It definitely is confusing."

The shirts are part of an effort by McMahon to blunt the urban vote Murphy needs in Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven, where her workers also have left literature urging a vote for Obama and McMahon.

"There are thousands of Democrats across the state of Connecticut who are supporting President Obama that are also supporting Linda McMahon today. We want to make sure their voices are heard," said Corry Bliss, her campaign manager.

He did not deny the similarity to SEIU garb.

Filson said SEIU has about 500 members working today to get out the vote for Obama and Murphy, many also wearing purple T-shirts.

2:05 Voting Mitt-function

A voter captured video of a Pennsylvania electronic voting maching that picks Mitt Romney, despite repeated attempts by the operator to choose Barack Obama. The machine has been taken out of service, but as Think Progress points out, there's no way to know if it skewed any other votes towards Romney. 



1: 58 PM GOPer compares opponent to a deer?

Faced with winning a race for U.S. Senate that is proving to be far more difficult than he expected it to be, former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson has found himself prone to bullying gaffes of the sort he made yesterday, at a stop in La Crosse at the Mid City Steel plant. From the  La Crosse Tribune:

Thompson joked while talking to workers at the La Crosse steel fabricator that he got a deer even before the [hunting] season opener. Actually it was one of his campaign cars; he said he was riding in the bus behind it when the crash happened early Sunday near Shawano.

The TPM  Polltracker site shows Thompson tied in the polls with Baldwin who, if elected, will be the first openly LGBT person in the Senate. 
“Nobody was hurt,” he said. “It did a lot of damage. I think the deer was named Tammy Baldwin, but I’m not sure.”

1:32 Has Romney given up on Ohio?

Michael Falcone writes that Romney seems to have given up on Ohio, and is now focusing his energy on Pennsylvania: 

All the body language from the Romney campaign suggests that they see Ohio as a long-shot.  Instead, it is now Pennsylvania that paves their path to 270. The Keystone state has eluded plenty of industrious and hopeful Republicans before Romney. While the western and central parts of the state tilt red, the city of Philadelphia and its sprawling and populous suburbs are the key to winning the state. And, those Philly suburbs, once a GOP bastion, have been voting Democratic for the last dozen years.

There have been ongoing reports of voter intimidation in Pennsylvania. Just this morning it was revealed that Republicans in one Pennsylvania county were intercepting voters and wrongly telling them they needed photo ID. The SEIU and others have raised concerns in recent days that the Pennsylvania Tea Party planned to send extra Republican poll watchers to African-American precincts to intimidate voters likely to vote Democrat. 
1:15 Sean Hannity breaks vote law?

Fox News pundit Sean Hannity was excited to share his vote today, tweeting a picture of his ballot. Hannity's enthusiasm may have broken the law though, writes Think Progress:

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