'Trial of Chicago 7': Aaron Sorkin takes Mayor Daley's 1968 nightmare to court

Brilliantly cast, full of juicy verbal confrontations and only slightly undermined by its director, “The Trial of the Chicago 7” hits the righteous indignation spot. The writer is Aaron Sorkin. The director is also Aaron Sorkin.It’ll certainly hit home for Chicagoans who remember 1968 and 1969, as well as Chicagoans who know full well what has boiled these few months of 2020, and why.In late August 1968, the Democratic National Convention began and soon became a secondary narrative. Lincoln Park and, across the street from the Conrad Hilton Hotel convention headquarters, Grant Park drew tens o...

Daughter of podiatrist who helped get Trump out of Vietnam service says 'bone spurs' are a lie

The daughters of the late Dr. Larry Braunstein, a one-time podiatrist based in Queens, have told the New York Times that their father helped President Donald Trump escape getting drafted during the Vietnam War by fabricating a diagnosis of bone spurs in his feet.

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Republicans squash bill to pay for Vietnam vets' health care citing deficit woes

In June, the House voted 382-0 to pass the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, which would extend veterans’ benefits to the numerous men who served off the coast of Vietnam during the war. Many of these men have had to spend a considerable part of their lives trying to prove that they were exposed to Agent Orange, leading to some, if not most, of their health problems. Since June, the act has been stuck in the Republican-led Senate. Last Monday, Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) attempted to get the unanimous consent of the Senate to pass the bill.

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Kissinger Is at It Again

Henry Kissinger spoke at Senator John McCain’s funeral. He said that McCain was one of those rare public servants who understood duty and honor. He believed that McCain embraced America’s power and its ideals, holding each dearly to his chest. This, for Kissinger, is the mark of a true leader.

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McCain's Former Jailer in Vietnam Writes Heartfelt Tribute As Trump Refuses to Honor Late Senator

The man who ran the Hỏa Lò Prison where John McCain was held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam has penned a tribute to the late senator.

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Trump Got Into Fight With Vietnam Veterans Over The Plot of 'Apocalypse Now': Report

According to a report from Asawin Suebsaeng of the Daily Beast, President Donald Trump decided to fight with Vietnam veterans over a plot point of the movie "Apocalypse Now," at a meeting that was organized last year by fired former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.

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Trump Calls Immigrants 'Animals' Who 'Infest Our Country' Because He Wants Permission to Do Terrible Things

As jarring as it has been to see images of small children locked up in cages pleading to see their mom or dad, perhaps more troubling in the long term is the effort by President Trump and his supporters to strip away the humanity of immigrants, effectively to treat them as enemies in war. 

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How the '60s Counterculture Changed the Washington Post

When I heard Ben Bradlee himself tell the story at the heart of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, The Post, he shook his head in disgust. In retirement, the former editor would occasionally hold forth in the Washington Post newsroom where I worked, retailing his favorite anecdotes—of which the Pentagon Papers was clearly not a favorite.

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Donald Trump's Appalling Asian Vacation Is Finally Over: Could It Have Been Worse?

As President Donald Trump completes his excellent Asian adventure and heads back home, he's probably feeling a little bit of of a letdown. He's facing the usual political maelstrom, but this time it's not about him. Rather, it's about former judge Roy Moore, whom Trump enthusiastically endorsed the day after Moore won the Republican Senate primary in Alabama.

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This Is How Desperate Trump Has Grown for Anything He Can Call a 'Win'

President Donald Trump reportedly begged the Vietnamese government to buy American military equipment because he needed “quick wins” ahead of upcoming elections.

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A Ball O’ Confusion Is Comin' to Your TV: Ken Burns' PBS Series on Vietnam Gives Its Corporate Sponsors Little to Worry About

Breaking fake news! Bank of America is withdrawing its support for the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick PBS documentary series "The Vietnam War," which starts Sunday night, because the series turned out to be too antiwar.   

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