It's not 'chaos': Trump revealed a clear blueprint for crushing American democracy

Sept. 29, 2020, will likely go down in history as one of the darkest days in American democracy — but arguably not in the way the average voter saw things. All eyes, after all, were focused on a debate stage in Cleveland where the 45th and possibly last president of the United States was interrupting and yelling like a lunatic at rival Joe Biden or moderator Chris Wallace — as if he were instead alone in his White House bedroom, and had accidentally turned his TV to MSNBC instead of the comforts of “Fox & Friends.”On the bloody morning after, the mainstream media headline writers seemed to hav...

The White House war on science undermines trust in a COVID-19 vaccine

Late in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, the United States is confronting a far more dangerous war than the “forever wars” he says he is ending.This is a multiphase conflict begun by the president himself, with new battle fronts opened daily. The deadly combat can end only if he is voted out of office.It began as Trump’s war on science, which has cost tens of thousands of U.S. lives due to the White House failure to contain COVID-19.It has morphed into a Vaccine War, in which Trump contradicts his scientists with false claims that a vaccine will be generally available before the electi...

How Sean Hannity became Russia state TV's useful idiot

Well, in our country he’s a useless idiot, but the Russians have managed to find a use for him other than converting oxygen to carbon dioxide to feed their beets.

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If Trump weren't president, he would be indicted

If Donald Trump were the president of any private or public entity -- if he were the president of anything, that is, except the United States -- he would be under indictment today for obstruction of justice, intimidating witnesses and conspiracy, at a minimum. That is what the Mueller report, even in redacted form, tells us in no uncertain language.

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GOP-linked Russian agent doesn't fear persecution by the Kremlin after cooperating with FBI

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that Maria Butina, who admitted in court to being a covert agent of Russia in December, is seeking expedited deportation back to Russia. And curiously, she does not fear reprisal at the hands of the Kremlin:

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William Barr is going to hide the full Mueller report — but House Democrats have a plan to stop him

Attorney General William Barr's four-page summary of the 300+-page report by special counsel Robert Mueller on Russian election interference is clearly not going to satisfy anyone. The summary — stating that Mueller did not "establish" conspiracy between President Donald Trump's campaign and the Russian government, and that he neither confirmed nor exonerated the president on obstruction of justice, demands greater detail. A new poll shows 75 percent of the public want the full report released.

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'A f**king load of garbage': Internet slams Trump campaign for instructing TV producers to blacklist supporters of Mueller investigation

On Monday, President Donald Trump's campaign sent out a vaguely authoritarian letter to television producers demanding that they either blackball or publicly shame a number of commentators who suggested special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia could pose legal liability for Trump.

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Here's why you shouldn't let Trump 'attack reporters for doing their jobs' on Russia: Washington Post journalist

The summary from Attorney General William Barr giving a top-line overview of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference the 2016 presidential election has been billed as an exoneration of President Donald Trump. It isn't, and there is much more still to learn from the full report, but assume for the sake of argument that the full report did, in fact, absolve the president of any complicity in Russian counterintelligence measures. Does that mean that all of the time and energy the media spent chasing the story was a waste?

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'Unmitigated success': Journalist explains why Mueller's investigation matters — even if Trump doesn't go down

Special counsel Robert Mueller's has not been released in full to the public yet, and a lot of questions remain about it. But the topline conclusions — at least as told by Attorney General William Barr — are that Mueller is not charging anyone with a "conspiracy" with the Russian government, and that he did not make a determination either way about President Donald Trump's culpability for obstruction of justice.

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Read the letter the attorney general sent to Congress confirming the end of Mueller's probe

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, submitting a report to Attorney General William Barr.

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Former deputy assistant AG explains how Mueller's report could hurt Trump — without even accusing him of a crime: 'This isn't remotely an ordinary case'

The public and political class are waiting with bated breath for the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. And speculation is rife about what it might or might not say about President Donald Trump.

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