Worse than anyone thought: Trump's 'compromise' bill would actually destroy asylum in this country

On Saturday, President Donald Trump gave a speech to the nation, announcing his idea of a compromise to end the government shutdown he started in an attempt to bully Congress into giving him the money for his border wall. His basic pitch: give me the full $5.7 billion I demanded, and I will issue a three-year extension of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS) for Central American refugees.

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Malala Yousafzai urges Trump to change course on border wall pledge: 'This does not reflect America'

President Donald Trump has reiterated he will stop at nothing to secure funding for his border wall as his intransigence drags out a government shutdown that is impacting some 800,000 workers. He is even toying with the idea of declaring a state of emergency to suspend Congress' authority over military spending and direct the troops to build his wall, which could escalate the standoff into a full-blown constitutional crisis.

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Facts keep getting in the way of Trump's bigoted and cruel anti-immigrant lies

President Donald Trump has pushed an extreme nativist, anti-immigrant agenda throughout his tenure. He has separated migrant children from their families in a "zero-tolerance policy" to try to scare people fleeing hardship out of applying for refugee status. He signed an order that temporarily banned refugee resettlement. He has tried to ban asylum seekers from crossing the border, which a federal court ruled illegal. And he has continued to try to implement a ban on "sanctuary cities" from federal funding, which a federal court also ruled illegal. And of course, he shut down the government to try to bully Congress into funding his border wall.

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Trump's Cruel New Asylum Policy Is a Blatant and Illegal Attack on Immigrants Seeking Refuge

Human rights groups denounced President Donald Trump's flouting of federal and international law Friday after the Trump administration announced new rules giving the president the authority to deny any asylum to any migrant who enters the United States without going through an official point of entry.

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GOP Candidate Told Anti-Muslim Hate Group America Should Not 'Provide Entitlements' to Refugees

Immediately after progressive Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum became the first African-American major party candidate for governor of Florida, his GOP opponent, Trump-loving Rep. Ron DeSantis, caused outrage when he said Florida should not "monkey this up" and vote for Gillum.

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Mad Dogs and Ideologues: Trump and His Racist Ilk Are Pushing Us Toward a Day of Reckoning for America's Fundamental Values

Early on Sunday morning, April 1, our Head Fool received a report from his most trusted intelligence source. "Small army of migrants marching toward the United States," headlined his favorite show, Fox & Friends. The commander-in-chief wasted no time in responding to this imminent threat, reflexively trumpeting to his loyalists that a caravan of some 1,500 marauding Latinx militants was coming to crash our southern gates. "Getting more dangerous," the chief shrieked in a tweet immediately following the right-wing TV report. "Caravans coming," he warned. "Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW."

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German Towns Where Facebook Use Is Higher Than Average Reliably Experience More Attacks on Refugees: Study

A sobering new study found that looked at anti-immigrant violence in Germany over a two-year period found a startling link between the violence: Facebook.

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CNN's Anderson Cooper Tears Apart the Trump Admin.'s Avalanche of Lies About the Cruel Family Separation Policy

President Donald Trump's administration can't stop lying about its policy of separating immigrant kids from their parents.

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'The Government Has a Lot to Answer For': MSNBC Guest Blasts the Trump Administration's Pitiful Efforts to Reunite Immigrant Families

Law professor Joyce Vance criticized the Trump administration's response to the crisis it caused by separating immigrant families en masse at the U.S.-Mexico border, arguing that officials haven't done enough to reunite the parents and kids despite a court-imposed deadline.

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Judge Smacks Down Trump's 'Tortured' and 'Cynical' Attempt to Defend Detaining Immigrant Kids Indefinitely

Judge Dolly Gee delivered a blow to President Donald Trump's plan to address the crisis he created at the U.S.-Mexico border when his administration began enforcing a zero-tolerance policy against unauthorized border crossers and started separating immigrant children from their parents en masse.

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What Nazis Driving People from Homes Taught Philosopher Hannah Arendt about Refugee Rights

Facing a political revolt over immigration policies from the Christian Social Union partner in her coalition government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to a compromise, which would create “transit zones” or refugee camps along Germany’s southern border.

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