GOP congressman complains that American troops get punished when they commit war crimes

On Wednesday, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) went on "Fox & Friends" to discuss what he sees as one of the most pressing problems in America today: that troops get punished when they commit war crimes.

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U.S. military leaders are 'embarrassed' by Trump and have been forced to apologize for him: report

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from war-torn Syria has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, although some paleoconservatives on the right (including Patrick Buchanan and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky) have applauded the move. Meanwhile, in Syria, Gen. Mazlum Kobane (who heads the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition) is saying that U.S. military leaders are “embarrassed” and “apologizing” because of Trump’s decision.

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Trump probably just revealed classified information again — this time on Twitter: report

President Donald Trump's first military visit to Iraq was full of all the blunders, gaffes, inappropriate politicking, and international embarrassments that we have come to expect from him.

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Trump finally visited the troops overseas — and it was an embarrassing mess

At long last, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania paid a visit to U.S. troops stationed overseas, after a secret overnight flight to Iraq.

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Artificial intelligence and the hyperwar: How the Pentagon is barreling toward AI-driven combat - posing a global existential risk

There could be no more consequential decision than launching atomic weapons and possibly triggering a nuclear holocaust. President John F. Kennedy faced just such a moment during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and, after envisioning the catastrophic outcome of a U.S.-Soviet nuclear exchange, he came to the conclusion that the atomic powers should impose tough barriers on the precipitous use of such weaponry. Among the measures he and other global leaders adopted were guidelines requiring that senior officials, not just military personnel, have a role in any nuclear-launch decision.

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A world on fire: Trump's dizzying outrage cycle fuels our anxiety like a drug - but his presidency's dangers are very real

I took my first hit of speed in 1970 during my freshman year in college. That little white pill -- Dexedrine -- was a revelation. It made whatever I was doing absolutely fascinating. Amphetamine sharpened my focus and banished all appetites except a hunger for knowledge. I spent that entire night writing 35 pages of hand-scrawled notes about a 35-page article by the philosopher Ludwig Feurbach, thereby convincing the professor who would become my advisor and mentor that I was absolutely fascinating.

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'He’s afraid people want to kill him': Trump has reportedly refused to visit soldiers in combat zones out of fear

As President Donald Trump's egregiously disrespectful attitude toward members of the military has come under closer scrutiny, he has received an increasing amount of criticism for never having visited service members who serve overseas in dangers combat zones. 

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Trump just gave a pitiful excuse for why he didn't visit a military cemetery on Veteran's Day

President Donald Trump drew a lot of criticism when, during his post-midterms visit to Paris, he missed a celebration honoring U.S. soldiers who were killed in combat during World War I. The reason: rain. More criticism followed after Trump returned to the U.S. and missed a Veteran’s Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery near Washington, DC—and during an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, he didn’t do a very good job of explaining himself.

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Our post-9/11 wars have cost nearly $6 trillion - far more than the Pentagon has acknowledged: report

While the human costs will remain impossible to calculate, a new analysis shows that the Pentagon barely scratched the surface of the financial costs of U.S. wars since September 11, 2001 when it released its official estimate last August regarding how much the U.S. has spent on fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

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Trump's use and abuse of the military reveals that even his core promises are worthless

Among Donald Trump's favorite stump-speech cliches is insisting on his fervent veneration of our military veterans. He often posts flowery tweets about them too, referring to them as "amazing people" and promising to "take care of the vets" because "we love the vets." It is a sentiment that almost every politician -- or citizen -- should be able to utter with perfect sincerity.

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The Cost of Trump's Lawless Words: Foreign Army Cites White House Speech to Justify a Reported Massacre of Protesters

As soon as President Donald Trump said the words on Thursday, national security experts and many former military officers were immeidately denouncing them.

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