How Right-Wing Media Help Trump Spin Lies About the Russia Investigation

President Donald Trump has moved beyond Twitter griping and is using the powers of his office to try to discredit the Russia investigation. This past weekend, Trump demanded that the Department of Justice “look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration.” He met with top DOJ officials on Monday to pressure them to start an investigation into their own department’s investigation of Trump’s campaign.

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Why an AT&T Antitrust Victory Could Spark a Battle for Most of Rupert Murdoch’s Empire

Like the nemeses from a fantasy drama, a game of thrones is playing out in the world of digital media, and by summer we could witness an epic battle erupting between titans vying for control of a media kingdom currently ruled by Rupert Murdoch.

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Lou Dobbs Says McConnell and Ryan Are Part of 'Conspiracy' to Destroy Trump

From the May 2 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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“The Simpsons” just made its Apu problem worse - and proved its creative bankruptcy

On Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons” its writers and producers delivered a message to America, care of Springfield, U.S.A., one as disposable and succinct as a postcard: “We’ve stopped caring. You should too.”

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‘Take that Down!’: Watch Fox Host Panic after Graphic Shows Fox News Is Least Trusted Network

In what was undoubtedly a painful moment on Fox News this morning, media analyst Howard Kurtz frantically implored his producer to take down a graphic that showed Fox is the least trusted of the big three cable networks.

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Fox News Hosts Begging Roseanne to Bring Her Conspiracy Theories on Its Shows to Boost Ratings

Conservative talk show hosts are hoping that the resurgent popularity of comedian Roseanne Barr will rub off on them, and are scrambling to book her and her conspiracy theories on their shows for a ratings bump.

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Fox Business Contributor Freaks Out on TV After Trump Causes Dow to Drop with Tariff Announcement

After President Donald Trump announced steep new tariffs on steel and aluminum, conservative trade proponents were livid. The more than 400 point drop in the Dow didn't help matters.

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San Francisco Could Become the World's First Major City to Ban the Sale of Fur

[Update 3/19/17: On March 20, the ban on fur is going before the full San Francisco Board of Supervisors, where it will face the first of two votes it needs to become law. Sign this petition to join the thousands of people urging San Francisco to become the world's first major city to ban the sale of fur.]

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Fox Panel Rips Stephen Miller after Jake Tapper Boots Him Off CNN: ‘All He Would Do Is Lavish Trump’

On Fox News, White House aide Stephen Miller did not get good reviews for his manic performance with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning that forced the State of the Union host to shut down the interview and go to commercial.

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Ex-CIA Director Warns 'Inaccurate, Unprofessional' Fox News Against Its 'Conspiratorial Hit Job' on Robert Mueller and the FBI

Ambassador James Woolsey, a former CIA director under President Bill Clinton, has put Fox and their host Lou Dobbs “on notice” amid the network’s continued attempts to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller and undermine his Russia investigation.

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Fox News Shows Authoritarian Streak with an Outrageous Comment after Obama Criticizes Trump

Former President Barack Obama should be detained by federal officials for talking badly about President Donald Trump. After Obama said this week that people should "think before you speak, think before you tweet," in an apparent reference to Trump's twilight Twitter rants, Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs had harsh words for Obama. “I think U.S. Marshals should…

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