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Federal Ban on Methadone Vans Seen as Barrier to Treatment

From California to Vermont, mobile methadone vans have served people with opioid addiction in rural towns and underserved inner-city neighborhoods for nearly three decades.

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Amid Freezing Classrooms, Baltimore’s Teachers Fight to Democratize City’s Schools

When a photograph of bundled-up students in a frigid Baltimore classroom recently spread on social media—with temperatures in schools as low as the mid-30s—the city became a focal point of public attention. But two organizations of Baltimore teachers say such situations, far from isolated, are the latest examples of why educators are pushing to radically democratize the city’s school system.

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What Does an Innocent Man Have to Do to Go Free? Plead Guilty

This story was co-published with The Atlantic.

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Many Poor Kids in Baltimore Are Testing Badly Because They Can't See

Researchers from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland discovered three years ago that the reading disparity between poor kids and wealthy white kids can be tied to vision problems and a lack of eyeglasses.

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Baltimore Takes Down Multiple Confederate Statues in the Middle of the Night

Alec MacGillis, another journalist, posted images of the Jackson and Lee statues being taken down.

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Jared Kushner: White House Senior Adviser, Slumlord

Everyone is fully aware of Jared Kushner’s multitasking capabilities. The son-in-law of President Donald Trump wears many hats in the White House. He’s a senior adviser, the director of the Office of American innovation and is charged with fixing peace in the Middle East. He’s also a slumlord, apparently.

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Does Donald Trump's Presidency Signal the End of Journalism or a New Rebirth?

If our first fake news election turns out to mark the end of democracy as we know it, I think I can pretty precisely date when the end began.

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There Are Over 1,000 Communities Across the U.S. With 4x the Lead Poisoning of Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan’s lead-poisoned water crisis, which erupted in 2014, shined a global spotlight on the dangerous confluence of austerity, poverty and environmental racism. A new in-depth investigation by Reuters finds that Flint is far from alone, with nearly 3,000 areas nationwide facing lead poisoning rates “at least double those in Flint during the peak of that city's contamination crisis.” In 1,100 of those communities, residents had lead levels in their blood that were four times higher than those found in Flint.

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A Nation of Geniuses: Social Media Made Us All Special - Now What?

Social media is scarier than the IRS. I constantly worry about my nieces and nephews, hoping and praying that they don’t fall victim to the lies and BS associated with likes.

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The "War on Drugs" is Rigged: Now That the Face of Addiction is White, Will Anything Change?

The “War on Drugs” is bullshit; it’s just another way for the top 1 percent to benefit off the pain that accompanies poverty. A bullet wound, a life sentence or an overdose for us is a paycheck for them. But alas, there’s hope­­: The new wave of white-suburban Rice-Krispies-treat-after-school soccer-program drug addicts may bring the change we all need.

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