V.C. Dent

Thinking About Costa Rica? 7 Reasons Why You Might Want to Head to the Caribbean Coast of the Country

Costa Rica attracts large numbers of North Americans seeking everything from a beach bum’s idyll to serious backpacking and high-end tourism. Its appeal comes from a strong ecological aura, extraordinary parks and nature reserves with abundant wildlife, and climates that range from cloud forest to high desert to deep jungle. Stunning beaches line both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts, where warm waters and killer waves make the country a major international surfing destination. About 70,000 Americans have settled here for the long haul, seeking political stability and the relative affordability of health care. 

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10 Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge metropolis where, for a Westerner, nonstop juxtapositions and contradictions crop up everywhere you look. Istanbul is openhearted and pushy, macho and seductive, stunning and verbose. It runs on high octane and vast beauty. Admiring an ancient mosque on the horizon, your gaze is interrupted by a delivery guy hurtling down impossibly narrow and crowded streets on a scooter, intent on delivering Subway sandwiches or McDonalds hamburgers. Just an average Istanbul evening.

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