Are We Becoming a Theocracy? 4 Fundamentalist Ideologies That Threaten America

Americans seem confident in the mythical notion that the United States is a free nation dedicated to reproducing the principles of equality, justice and democracy. What has been ignored in this delusional view is the growing rise of an expanded national security state since 2001 and an attack on individual rights that suggests that the United States has more in common with authoritarian regimes like China and Iran "than anyone may like to admit." I want to address this seemingly untenable notion that the United States has become a breeding ground for authoritarianism by focusing on four fundamentalisms: market fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism, educational fundamentalism and military fundamentalism. This is far from a exhaustive list, but it does raise serious questions about how the claim to democracy in the United States has been severely damaged, if not made impossible.

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Michael Pollan on Why the Food Movement Must Focus on Raising Food Workers' Wages

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I Comitted At Least 2 Marijuana Crimes 20 Years Ago: Enjoyed Myself and Helped a Sick Man Feel Better

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All right with me
Is the way it should be
Is a good thing
Plant that bell
And let it ring...
- Neil Young

It was late September in 1993, and my friends and I were at a campground to enjoy a weekend away from the world. It was unusually cold as I shrugged my way out of the tent, and after answering an insistent call of nature just inside a line of trees to the east of our campsite, I set about the work of getting the fire going again. One by one, my friends emerged from their own tents in various stages of disrepair - the previous night had been a doozy, and more than a few of my crew looked and felt as if they had been devoured and shat out by wolves - to warm themselves by the flames.

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The Extreme Suffering of Solitary Confinement Has Propelled 30,000 Prisoners to Go on Hunger Strike

Note: A prisoner hunger strike began on Monday, July 8, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that “ 30,000 inmates refused meals at the start of what could be the largest prison protest in state history,” with prisoners in “two-thirds of the state's 33 prisons” taking part.

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The Similarities Between the Charter School Movement and the War on Drugs

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How the Invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan Fueled a Heroin Resurgence

A new United Nations reporton the state of opium cultivation in Afghanistan reveals a worsening situation, after more than a decade of US and NATO occupation. It confirms the failure of counternarcotics missions in the country.

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Noam Chomsky: Obama's Attack on Civil Liberties Has Gone Way Beyond Imagination

Mike Stivers: Anyone following issues of civil liberties under Obama knows that his administration's policies have been disastrous. The signing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which effectively legalizes indefinite detention of US citizens, the prosecution of more whistleblowers than any previous president, the refusal to close Guantanamo, and the adoption of ruthless positions in trials such as Hedges vs. Obama and Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project don't even encapsulate the full extent of the flagrant violations of civil, political and constitutional rights. One basic question that a lot of people seem to be asking is, why? What's the rationale?

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