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Why Shopping at Walmart Is No Bargain

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18 Ways Higher Ed Can Support Occupy and Other Social Justice Movements

Last month, I attended an event at my alma mater in Vermont which was billed as "Occupy Goddard." Hosted by the college's president, Barbara Vacarr, who wrote an op-ed in December titled, "The Occupy Movement Is Right," it was the first academic conference devoted to the peaceful populist resistance to oppression and economic inequities that is sweeping the nation (and beyond).

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Why Are We Letting Fossil-Fuel Billionaire Pickens Write Our Energy Policy and Push for More Dangerous Gas Drilling?

This weekend, as 10,000 energetic, bright young people converged on Washington, DC, for PowerShift 2011, 82-year-old Texas fossil-fuel-pushing megabillionaire T. Boone Pickens continued his all-out assault on these youths' future.

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Heartbreaking Stories Warn New Yorkers of What May Be in Store if the State OKs Controversial Gas Drilling

I live and work in Marcellus shale ground zero -- central New York State, just south of the Finger Lakes, one of the biggest and best watersheds in the hemisphere. My home is in economically challenged, mostly rural Tioga County, and I work in Tompkins County. Almost all our neighbors for several miles around have signed gas leases. I participate regularly and actively as a client, colleague, patient, or volunteer with businesses, organizations, and institutions in 19 other New York counties.

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