Mike Ludwig

State’s Rights Bill on Marijuana Threatens to Divide Trump Administration

Lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation that would end federal marijuana prohibition in states that have legalized cannabis products for medical and recreational use. President Trump has previously indicated that he would support such a bill, setting the stage for a potential showdown with the Justice Department and one of his least favorite employees: Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Trump Peddles False Hope to the Terminally Ill With 'Right to Try' Law

With the latest revelations about his soured relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions dominating cable news and accounts of migrant children ripped from their mothers’ arms under “zero-tolerance” immigration policies trickling in from the southern US border, President Donald Trump was eager to sign so-called Right to Try legislation on Wednesday and declare a victory for the White House.

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The Sick Paying for the Healthy: How Insurance Companies Drive Up Drug Prices

Faced with angry consumers and impending political reforms, the massive corporations that shape the way we pay for medicine are clamoring to preserve their public image, profit margins and political clout -- often by pointing the finger of blame at each other. The poster child for the debate is insulin, a hormone replacement drug that many people with diabetes need to stay alive. As Truthout has reported, the market price of popular insulin products has skyrocketed in recent years. Some people with diabetes go broke paying for their medicine. Others have died while attempting to ration dosages.

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Republicans Move to Expand Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

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Mike Ludwig is an investigative reporter at Truthout and a contributor to the Truthout anthology, Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? Follow him on Twitter: @ludwig_mike.

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How the GOP Is Using Dark Money and the 'Opioid Epidemic' to Save Its Senate Majority

Political attack ads are known for crude sensationalism, but a recent TV ad attacking New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan goes beyond the usual jabs and exaggerations. Capitalizing on a spike in drug overdoses that has rocked the state, the ad juxtaposes Hassan with shots of a wailing ambulance and an overdose victim being rushed into the emergency room on a stretcher. Hassan's decision to veto a budget bill last year is blamed for delaying funding for drug-treatment programs.

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The War on Drugs Failed, so Why Isn't It Over?

This article was originally published on Truthout

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Environmental Injustice: What the Candidates Missed in Flint -  and the Rest of the Country

Esther Calhoun lives far from the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, but suspects that water contaminated with lead is also poisoning her hometown of Uniontown, Alabama, a community she describes as "poor and elderly" and about 90 percent African American. Like many of her neighbors, Calhoun's father and grandfather were sharecroppers on a nearby plantation that enslaved those that came before them.

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Inside the Sensational Business of 'Rescuing' Sex Workers

Copyright, Truthout.org. Reprinted with permission.

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Watchdog Group Sues U.S. for Access to Shell Oil's Safety Plan for Arctic Drilling

Shell Oil's recently approved exploration in the Arctic Chukchi Sea is one of the most highly scrutinized drilling operations in the world, but, a watchdog group claims, the company has nevertheless managed to keep many of its plans hidden from view.

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Fifty Activist Groups Call for Congressional Hearings on Citizens United

Fifty organizations presented letters to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on Tuesday requesting hearings this year on the need to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates for unlimited independent campaign spending and gave rise to the infamous Super PAC.

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Out-of-State Corporate Money Floods Ohio Battle Over Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

About 60 people gathered at the AFL-CIO office in downtown Columbus, Ohio, to rally and volunteer their time on a sunny Friday evening in early October. They came from a variety of backgrounds: white and black, urban and rural, young and old. Armed with a phone bank and canvassing clipboards, they participated in a campaign to rally Ohio voters to repeal legislation known as Senate Bill 5. If passed, the law would limit collective bargaining rights on issues like staffing levels for Ohio's 360,000 public workers and require some public workers to pay more in pension and health care costs. The volunteers, dressed in T-shirts and jeans, are labor's foot soldiers in a political battle attracting national attention and political spending. It is a bitter clash of class, ideology and political tactics, pitting the public sector against the private sector, and Ohio's labor movement against a web of Republican front groups that refuse to disclose their campaign finances.

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