Tasnim Abdi

Tax Reduces Junk Food Consumption in Mexico, Says Study

A recent study by researchers at the University of North Carolina and the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico examines the first-year effects of a junk food tax implemented by the government of Mexico in 2014. The results show that there was an average reduction of 5.1 percent on purchases of taxed food items in 2014, which was equivalent to 25 grams per person per month.  

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15 Organizations Promoting Indigenous Knowledge in the Food System

August 9 is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. This year’s theme is Indigenous Peoples and Education to highlight the importance of education and preserving indigenous knowledge.   

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A 'Bee Highway' Was Built in Oslo to Protect Pollinators

In 2015, ByBi, an environmental group based in Oslo, Norway, designed a bee highway—a route filled with green roofs and flowers—that supports bees living in urban environments. 

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