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House Republicans abruptly end press conference after reporter informs Jim Jordan of Trump's latest Biden rant

House Republicans continue to back President Donald Trump, even as the Ukraine scandal deepens and Democrats seek impeachment.

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Trump goes on unhinged Oval Office rant after being asked about Ukraine whistleblower: ‘What about Obama?'

On Wednesday, at a press conference with the president of Finland, President Donald Trump went on an epic rant against the media, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the city of San Francisco, the media, and another frequent target—-former President Barack Obama.

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'Excuse me!': Meghan McCain storms off the stage of 'The View' after yelling at co-host

On Friday’s episode of the view, host Meghan McCain clashed with guest host Ana Navarro. The two women were discussing the latest scandal to engulf the Trump presidency, an anonymous whistleblower complaint from the intelligence community that suggests Trump may have made troubling promises to a foreign leader, widely believed to be the president of Ukraine.

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Leaks about Jerry Falwell Jr suggest Liberty University insiders want him out as president: Conservative columnist

Jerry Falwell Jr., took over the evangelical Liberty University when his father died in 2007. Today, his myriad controversies—from his embrace of Donald Trump to the bizarre tale involving him, his wife and a pool boy—are threatening to spark a civil war at the institution.

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Grocery store chains are trying to kill your favorite local newsweekly — but you still have time to stop them

In 1984, Peter Saltas’ dad started writing and distributing free newsletters called Private Eye in Utah bars. Since bars were banned from advertising in Salt Lake, the newsletters were a way to tip patrons off about music shows and other events. In 1989, he combined the newsletters into a single publication called the Salt Lake City Weekly and joined the Association of Alternative News Media. Since then, the alt-weekly has won numerous awards and broken dozens of stories mainstream media missed. In one example, the paper revealed that not one, but two, of the state’s Attorneys General had mishandled public funds and solicited donations illegally.

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Black Idaho man charged with first degree murder for crashing his car -- family told he should be lynched

Tiffany Mitchell met her husband, Cedric, the week she went to Phoenix, Arizona, to look for a new place to live. She wanted to leave Twin Falls, Idaho, because of what she describes as the town's pervasive racism. She flew back on a Sunday, he visited her on a Tuesday, and never left. They decided to stay in Twin Falls because the weather there was better for his asthma. He got a job at a sugar factory. A few years later they were married.

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Watch: Trump just rattled off these 4 unhinged statements in a 10-minute tarmac rant

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited a natural gas plant in Pennsylvania. After disembarking from a helicopter, the president spoke with reporters, spewing out at least four utterly bizarre statements in just ten minutes.

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Donald Trump is more popular today than in 2016 ⁠— here's what that means for 2020: report

President Donald Trump’s administration has been mired in controversy after controversy, from his racist remarks to the Mueller report–which stopped short of clearing him of obstruction of justice. His policies, such as child separation at the border and his trade wars with China, are divisive.

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Conservative columnist warns the ‘corrupted’ GOP has passed the point of no return ⁠— and ’cannot be rescued from itself’

Elected Republicans in the Trump era have consistently failed to rein in the president, even after he lobs racist attacks at fellow lawmakers.

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