Talia Buford

Has the Moment for Environmental Justice Been Lost?

Given how President Donald Trump has taken aim at the Environmental Protection Agency with regulatory rollbacks and deep proposed budget cuts, it may come as no surprise that the Office of Environmental Justice is on the chopping block.

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EPA's Environmental Justice Plan Would Perpetuate Racism, Opponents Say

While touting the importance of environmental justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is pushing a draft “framework” for tackling the problem that lacks substance, residents of polluted communities, advocates and agency employees say.

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Environmental Racism Has Long Been Ignored by the EPA, but Not Anymore

The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Civil Rights will more aggressively evaluate recipients of EPA funding to ensure their compliance with federal civil-rights laws, the office said in a draft Strategic Plan released two weeks ago. Billed as an effort that "invigorates the EPA's civil-rights mission," the five-year plan commits the agency for the first time to conduct targeted compliance reviews.

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Environmental Racism Persists, and the EPA is One Reason Why

The invasion of sewer flies moved residents of University Place subdivision to turn to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for help. Darting from a neighboring sewage plant, the flies descended upon the mostly African-American neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with such regularity that one resident posted this warning sign: Beware of attack fly

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