Susan K. Livio

Chris Christie Wants to Legislate Doctors' Opioid Painkiller Prescribing

How Christie wants to force doctors to limit opioid painkiller prescriptions

TRENTON -- With the heroin and opioid drug epidemic continuing to claim lives across New Jersey, state lawmakers Monday are poised to dictate how some physicians ought to be using their prescription pad. Doctors who treat people suffering from acute pain - the kind that may be caused by surgery, a root canal or a broken…

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New Jersey Doctors Say Christie's Plan to Limit Painkillers is "Cruel"

Christie plan to limit painkillers 'cruel,' N.J. doctors say

TRENTON -- New Jersey's largest lobbying group for physicians opposes Gov. Chris Christie's plan to prevent doctors in New Jersey from writing initial prescriptions for opioid painkillers to a five-day supply, calling it an "intrusion" on the practice of medicine and possibly "cruel" to patients. The Medical Society released a statement Wednesday responding to the Republican…

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Facebook Deletes Medical Marijuana Pages

Facebook deletes medical marijuana pages

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