This Profession Smokes the Most Weed -- See Where Yours Ranks

So apparently people who work in media smoke a lot of weed... Cough. Puff. No comment. But we're not the profession most likely to light up. A recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Colorado occupations by how much their workers use marijuana, which was legalized in the state in 2012 and became available for purchase two years later.

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The White House is Screwing With Scientists -- And They're Fighting Back

State Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (D-16th) is dead right when he says science knows no political party. Republicans, Democrats and everyone else on the political spectrum deserve access to breathable air, drinkable water and all the other necessities of life that define a society that appreciates - and acts on - the expertise scientists provide us.

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Why Is Donald Trump Sticking It to New Jersey?

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's new-found opposition to funding the Gateway Tunnel project is just the latest example of how he's championed policies that punish New Jersey, where he has long ties and spends his spring weekends and summer vacation. The Trump-backed tax plan targeted New Jersey and other high-tax states by curbing the federal deduction…

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WATCH: Chris Christie Lustily Booed After Catching Foul Ball at Baseball Game

WATCH: Chris Christie catches foul ball at Mets game, gets booed

Chris Christie caught a foul ball at Citi Field, then got heavily booed and dunked on by a dopey play-by-play guy pic.twitter.com/n2GpN0EEQd -- Chase Woodruff (@dcwoodruff) July 19, 2017 NEW YORK -- St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong has made a habit out of killing the Mets, so getting booed at Citi Field is probably to…

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New Jersey's Largest Newspaper Tells Cops: 'Stop Wasting Our Money on Absurd Marijuana Arrests'

An alarming new report from the American Civil Liberties Union found New Jersey is arresting more people than ever for possession of marijuana - crazy, given that we're on the cusp of legalization. Our cops arrest someone for possession every 22 minutes, on average. The arrests rose sharply under Gov. Christie's watch, worth remembering when we…

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Marijuana May Fight Alzheimer's - What Will That Mean for Baby Boomers?

As I've noted, I don't smoke pot, but I have friends that do. Like me, they're aging baby-boomers. Unlike me, they're retired and don't have to meet daily deadlines. So why the heck shouldn't they? That question took on new urgency recently with reports that pot might play a major role in warding off Alzheimer's disease.…

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Here's New Jersey's Plan to Legalize Weed Once Christie Is Gone

Here's N.J. lawmaker's plan to legalize recreational marijuana after Christie leaves

TRENTON -- A state lawmaker introduced legislation on Monday that would legalize marijuana in New Jersey, saying he was laying the groundwork to pass a new law almost as soon as Gov. Chris Christie leaves office. Sen. Nicholas Scutari's bill would make New Jersey one of a small but growing number of states where marijuana is…

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Chris Christie's Deranged Reefer Madness Rant

PRINCETON -- Gov. Chris Christie on Monday unleashed a diatribe against the increasing push to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey, warning that it's "not time for us to be cool and say, 'Pot's O.K.'" "This is beyond stupidity," the Republican governor, who has long been opposed to legalizing marijuana, said during a speech at a…

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Thank Donald Trump if You're Bathing in Raw Sewage at the Beach This Summer

When you swallow sewage at the Shore, thank Trump | Editorial

While we spend zillions on security at Mar-a-Lago and shuttling Trump children around the world and leaving Melania's son in private school in Manhattan, the President is cutting money to check if we're all swimming in fecal swamps. Yes, his budget would eliminate the funding that pays to test the water at our beaches every week…

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Trump’s Latest Really Low Poll Numbers and What They Mean

Fewer than 4 in 10 U.S. voters approve of President Donald Trump's performance in office, according to a Marist College poll released after the bombing attack in Syria.

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We Called Heroin an 'Epidemic' When White People Started Dying

Heroin became 'epidemic' as race of victims changed | Opinion

Last week, Gov. Chris Christie met with President Donald Trump and took the helm of a new federal opioid addiction commission. A. J. Solomon, the son of state Supreme Court Associate Justice Lee Solomon, also attended the meeting. The younger Solomon, once a member of the governor's staff, spoke of his heroin addiction after "becoming hooked…

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Howard Stern Nails Trump's Possible Downfall: 'He Wants to Be Liked, He Wants to Be Loved'

Howard Stern has interviewed Donald Trump many times over the years, back when he was just "Apprentice" Trump, the Trump who owned pageants and would in gritty detail about his experiences with women and celebrities. He considered that iteration Trump a friend -- someone he liked. On Thursday's "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius XM, Stern, 63,…

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Chris Christie Wants to Legislate Doctors' Opioid Painkiller Prescribing

How Christie wants to force doctors to limit opioid painkiller prescriptions

TRENTON -- With the heroin and opioid drug epidemic continuing to claim lives across New Jersey, state lawmakers Monday are poised to dictate how some physicians ought to be using their prescription pad. Doctors who treat people suffering from acute pain - the kind that may be caused by surgery, a root canal or a broken…

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New Jersey Doctors Say Christie's Plan to Limit Painkillers is "Cruel"

Christie plan to limit painkillers 'cruel,' N.J. doctors say

TRENTON -- New Jersey's largest lobbying group for physicians opposes Gov. Chris Christie's plan to prevent doctors in New Jersey from writing initial prescriptions for opioid painkillers to a five-day supply, calling it an "intrusion" on the practice of medicine and possibly "cruel" to patients. The Medical Society released a statement Wednesday responding to the Republican…

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New Jersey Heroin Users May Soon Trade Drugs for Help, Not Handcuffs

N.J. addicts may soon trade drugs for help, not handcuffs

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5 Reasons to Check Out Vice TV's New Marijuana Culture Show "Weediquette"

5 reasons to watch N.J. journalist's 'Weediquette' show about marijuana culture

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Facebook Deletes Medical Marijuana Pages

Facebook deletes medical marijuana pages

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