Steven Joseph

How Republican administrations always lead to an economic meltdown — in 10 easy steps

The Neverending Story of Republican Economic Incompetence

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A look at why the last thing America needs is billionaires making more money or power

Some people praise Communism, some Socialism, and some Capitalism. Do you know what really matters? Are the citizens of a nation getting fed? Do they have a place to live?  Do they have clothes to wear, and do they have the ability to heat their houses in the winter? Some Communist countries were good at this, some not so much. The same has been true for the more Socialist and Capitalist countries. Regardless of the political and economic design of a country, what I have found is that when too much of the wealth of a nation, as well as too much of the political power, is concentrated in the hands of too few people, the nation suffers greatly.

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