Steve Singiser

The GOP Seems Bent on Backing Crazy Right-Wingers in the Mid-Terms: Good or Bad News for Dems?

Saturday brought the somewhat unsurprising, but nonetheless significant, news that Utah Republicans, in their state nominating conventions, had fired their incumbent Senator.

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Can Democrats Be Saved By Their Opposition?

Make no mistake: the essay you are about to read is not one that is awash in optimism.

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Absurd Michigan Republican: Obama Wants Terrorists to Attack! Give Me Your Money and They Won't

Apparently, for right-wing Congressman and gubernatorial aspirant Peter Hoekstra, it wasn't enough for him to sprint from TV camera to TV camera trying to siphon off as much exposure for himself during the recent news flurry surrounding the terror attempt aboard a Detroit-bound flight. He now is seeking to cash in on the aborted attack:

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Woe, To Be a Governor

Back in July, and using the 2009 elections as the immediate backdrop, I suggested that the greatest level of volatility in the coming election cycles would be in the gubernatorial races.

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Obama Bouncing Back in Polls, According to Multiple Pollsters

Late last week, when our Daily Kos tracking poll came out, I noted a dramatic shift in the numbers for President Obama, a shift that actually preceded his address on health care before a joint session on Congress.

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