Simon Brown

Trump Pushes Move Allowing Churches to Act as Political Action Committees

When it comes to the matter of houses of worship endorsing political candidates, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump said he is out to make religious-right dreams come true. 

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Religious Right Claims of a ‘War On Christmas’ Are Thinner Than Cheap Wrapping Paper

Henry Ford, the famed industrialist and notorious anti-Semite, once pontificated that Jews were ruining Christmas.

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Rick Santorum Says Forcing Students to Read the Bible Will Save America

Religious Right star Rick Santorum seems to think that repeating a lie often enough will make it true, but his insistence that children are not allowed to read the Bible in public schools still has no basis in reality.  

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Change of Heart: How the 'Mother of School Choice' Came to Reject School Vouchers

In 1949, five domestic house cats were introduced to tiny Marion Island, which is off the coast of South Africa, in an effort to control the local mouse population. By 1977, the cat population had ballooned to 3,400, placing the local species of birds in danger of extinction.

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More Voucher Students Are Attending Religious Schools -- and Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill

The number of students using vouchers to attend private schools in the Oshkosh, Wisc., area grew rapidly in the past year, showing once again that so-called “school choice” schemes are frequently little more than a taxpayer-funded bailout for religious schools.

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The Great Voucher Fraud

If you ask Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal about the next civil rights movement in the United States, he’ll tell you the battle will be for so-called “school choice.”

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6 Biggest Religious Right Threats to America

Multiple courts have said “no” to states that want public schools to teach “intelligent design” creationism in science classes, but that doesn’t faze Montana State Rep. Clayton Fiscus (R-Billings).

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The 10 Most Dangerous Religious Right Organizations

The movement known as the Religious Right is the number-one threat to church-state separation in America. This collection of organizations is well funded and well organized; it uses its massive annual revenue and grassroots troops to undermine the wall of separation in communities nationwide.

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Does a Texas Charter School Chain Use Taxpayer Money to Proselytize Students and Fund a Church?

This story originally appeared in Church & State, the magazine published by Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Sign up for their e-mail newsletter here.

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10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year

The following piece comes from Church and State Magazine, published by Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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