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Christian Evangelical: I'm Deeply Ashamed of the Right-Wing Demagogues Who Call Themselves Christians

I am an evangelical Christian, which means that I openly share the “good news” of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and I have personally accepted that saving grace for my sins.

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6 Biggest Religious Right Threats to America

Multiple courts have said “no” to states that want public schools to teach “intelligent design” creationism in science classes, but that doesn’t faze Montana State Rep. Clayton Fiscus (R-Billings).

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Christian Teacher Burned Crosses onto Students' Arms and Pushed Creationism -- Now He's Claims His "Free Speech" Was Violated?

Jenifer and Steve Dennis enjoyed living in Mount Vernon, Ohio, a city of about 16,000 people in the center of the state, but they no longer reside there. After an incident in 2007, they stopped feeling welcome.

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The 10 Most Dangerous Religious Right Organizations

The movement known as the Religious Right is the number-one threat to church-state separation in America. This collection of organizations is well funded and well organized; it uses its massive annual revenue and grassroots troops to undermine the wall of separation in communities nationwide.

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10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year

The following piece comes from Church and State Magazine, published by Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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The Relentless Christian Crusade to Prevent Kids from Learning Science

The debate that took place on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives in April could not exactly be described as a feast for the intellect.

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The Religious Right and GOP Escalate Battle to Destroy Public Schools

America’s public school system and the constitutional separation of church and state are under relentless assault.

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The Sneaky Ways State Conservatives Are Forcing Religion into Public Life

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern, a longtime Religious Right favorite, says she doesn't want to sneak religion into the public classroom, just ensure that teachers "teach all of science instead of just the Darwin model."

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Religious Right Pushes Churches to Openly Defy the Law and Campaign for Tea Party and Other Conservative Candidates

When South Dakota gubernatorial hopeful Gordon Howie put out a call for pastors to endorse him from the pulpit, the Rev. H. Wayne Williams was quick to respond.

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Religious Right Has-Beens Try for a Resurrection

The last few years haven't been easy ones for Ralph Reed.

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