Hundreds Converge on Goldman Sachs DC Headquarters

This is a press advisory from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

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The Armageddon-Provoking Employee Free Choice Act

We’ve been fighting for Employee Free Choice for months.  Together with SEIU, we pressured Burger King to backtrack on their anti-labor position.  We pushed for Hilda Solis, a true progressive champion of the working class, to be confirmed as Labor Secretary.  And all along the way, we’ve dispelled the myths about Employee Free Choice, calling out Fox News, Republicans, and anti-union CEOs like Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus and Wal-Mart’s Lee Scott for distorting what this bill would mean for hardworking Americans.

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Make Sure Obama Makes Good on His Promise to Pass the Employee Free Choice Act

America spoke on Tuesday: we elected a President who will stand up for working families to get our economy back on track.

A key component to our economic recovery will be the Employee Free Choice Act. So today I want to introduce you to one of its most prominent supporters: President-elect Barack Obama.  Don't take it from me, though. Please watch this video of Barack Obama talking about the Employee Free Choice Act in his own words, and then sign our petition to show your support.

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Laura Flanders and Van Jones Call for a Green Economy

Van Jones raps with Laura Flanders about green collar jobs. Convention coverage form the working people's point of view at

Lewis Black Rants Against Corporate Greed

From Stephen Lerner, Director of the SEIU’s Private Equity Project:

The Democratic primary is over, and Senators Obama and McCain now face an electorate angry over high gas prices, stagnant wages and a sour economy. The call for change is so loud and so persistent that it’s already become a campaign cliché.

Cliché or not, it’s a major force driving this election, and whichever candidate harnesses the country’s mood will win this election. Henry Kravis, founder of KKR�effectively the nation’s second largest private employer and one of the largest buyout firms in the nation�has more to do with the country’s unease than people imagine.

He’s a symbol of the “Just Us� corporate business mentality that so many Americans want to see change. Rich beyond belief, he still lobbied tenaciously last year against a little reform that would have leveled the playing field between hedge fund managers and buyout executives and teachers, nurses, and other middle class Americans. At stake was the elimination of a single tax loophole that saved Henry Kravis up to $96 million in 2006. Because of the loophole, Kravis and a handful of other buyout executives are able to pay a 15 percent tax rate on much of their income, far less than the tax rates that many middle class Americans pay.

That loophole was just the tip of the iceberg.

1199ers for Peace and Justice

SEIU L.1199

1199ers for Peace and Justice

We, the undersigned members, delegates, staff and officers of Local 1199NY/SEIU and its associated Funds, are deeply concerned about the domestic and foreign policies of the Bush Administration.


We condemn the murder of civilians, whether at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, in Afghanistan, Israel, or Palestine. Military involvement in more and more countries lays the groundwork for the rise of more, not less, anti-American feelings and actions.

The Bush Administration's new Nuclear Policy Review puts the world in danger of nuclear war, by allowing 'pre-emptive' first nuclear strikes in response to any 'surprising military development', and escalates a costly arms race.


Billions of dollars that were supposed to go to Medicare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, and education have been diverted to the military. Bush will use this money for an attack on Iraq, or North Korea or Iran, for further intervention in the Philippines, Columbia, or Somalia, and to pay for Israel's weapons.

Bush's tax cuts give $500 billion to the richest 1% of the population, while the real wages of regular working people are no higher than they were when Nixon was President. Over forty million people in this country have no health insurance. Where are our priorities?


Attorney General Ashcroft's 'anti-terrorism' legislation - the USA Patriot Act- gives the FBI broad access to personal information without a court order and without evidence a crime was committed. It targets people who engage in political protest and allows wiretapping, internet surveillance, and home searches.

More than a thousand immigrants have been detained without charge, based on racial profiling and national origin.

The Constitutional right to confidential conversation with a lawyer is under attack.

These extreme measures threaten the same values of democracy that the 'war on terrorism' claims to defend.


We call on our Union to join the growing movement against militarism, against welfare for the rich, and for the defense of democratic rights.

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