Sarah Seltzer

Here Are 16 of the Dumbest Things Americans Believe -- And the Right-Wing Lies Behind Them

Americans are often misinformed, occasionally downright dumb, and easily misled by juicy-sounding rumors. But while the right wing is taking full advantage of this reality, the Left worries that calling out lies is "rude."

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What Does It Say About America That We Jail Teens for Having Sex or Being Late to School?

In the summer of 2012, the country was riveted by the story of young Diane Tran, a high school junior age 17, who was tossed in jail for a night because she was missing too much school.

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Abortion in America: Here Are the Facts, 40 Years After Roe

40 years ago, Roe V. Wade became the law of the land. for decades since then, abortion has been a lightning rod, its legality and women's access to services a subject of relentless attack by the right wing.

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Stewart Rips GOP Congress for Delaying Sandy Aid

Jersey boy Jon Stewart arrived back from his holiday break none too pleased with the delay tactics of the house GOP delaying Hurricane Sandy aid, with more comic timing but similar rage to NJ Governor, Chris Christie's outburst previously.

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Gabby Giffords Takes on NRA, Announces Push for Gun Control

Almost amonth since the unimaginably tragic shooting in Newtown Connecticut and on the anniversary of the massacre that left her fighting for her own life, former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is stepping up with her own lobbying group that will counter the NRA and push for what she bills as common-sense gun control solutions to the epidemic of American gun violence.

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Right Wing Gun Nuts Manipulate Data, Falsely Claim Hammers and Clubs More Deadly

In the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy, pro-gun madness continues to multiply. The latest bit of manipulated data making the rounds among gun nuts arises from an extremely dubious claim on what other site but

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2012: The Second-Worst Year for Abortion Rights Since Roe

Think the so-called "War on Women" (really a war on everyone, since family planning, abortion, birth control, and cancer screenings are good for everyone, regardless of gender) is over? Think again, sadly. The reality is that in the state capitols, the steady drive to make it nearly impossible for women to obtain abortions is continuing. Last month, at AlterNet, we profiled just a few of these state initiatives that had cropped up after the 2012 election and continued the unfortunate trend of using political power to legislate the uteri of citizens.

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Study: Booze Damages the Brain, Pot Does Not

Some new science demonstrates that marijuana may not have the harmful effects critics claim. In fact, while pot had no measured impact in a new study, the very legal and very lucratively-marketed substance alcohol actually has a worse health impact on young users.

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3 Brave Women Who Risk Their Lives for Justice

Activists challenging the status quo here in the United States frequently put their bodies on the line by risking arrest or police brutality. But around the world, the simple act of speaking up for basic human rights, whether it's pushing for an end to genocide, fighting impunity for crimes, or supporting the dignity and rights of women, all types of nonviolent resistance can risk death threats, torture, violence, harassment and exile.

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