Robyn Pennacchia

North Carolina Church Asks Lesbian Parishioner to Divorce or Leave

A North Carolina church has taken the prerogative to kick out a lesbian parishioner following the passage of the state’s horrid House Bill 2, which overturned and banned all local LGBT non-discrimination ordinances. In the name of religious freedom, the First Baptist Church has “prayerfully asked” Kelly Toney via a letter to either renounce her homosexuality and divorce her wife, or else they “will have no choice but to take appropriate and prayerful action to address the standing of your fellowship with this Body.”

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Why So Many Racists Don’t Think They’re Racist

Wendy Bell, an anchorwoman at Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV, was fired this week after posting a missive to Facebook described by various media outfits as: racist, “racist,” racially tinged, racially insensitive and racially charged.

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San Francisco Cops Just Can’t Stop Sending Each Other Racist and Homophobic Texts

The San Francisco police force has a bit of a problem. The New York Times reports that even as fourteen police officers are currently being investigated for sending each other text messages that “disparaged gays, women, Mexicans and Filipinos, and proposed lynching blacks,” another group of seven officers is being investigated for sending each other texts that include “derogatory references to blacks, Asians, lesbians, gays and transgender people.”

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There Is Definitely Something Icky About This Police Department's Prank on Meth Users

Last week, the police department of Granite Shoals, Texas, posted a fake news story to its Facebook page saying that there had been reports of crystal meth and heroin tainted with the Ebola virus and for users to bring their meth down to the station for testing.

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By GOP Logic, How Can Guns Not Be Allowed at the Republican Convention?

For the past several years, every time there is a mass shooting, before the families even have time to grieve, Republican politicians have come out to explain that the thing that could stop these shootings is not more gun control, but less. The dangerous thing here, they insist, is not the ease with which homicidal maniacs can legally obtain guns, but the fact that there are “gun-free zones” in the first place. These “gun-free zones,” they claim, prevent “good guys with guns” from stopping “bad guys with guns.”

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Most Trump Voters Say Whites Are 'Losing out' - and in a Way, They Are

A poll conducted by the Washington Post has found that 54 percent of Trump voters believe that white people are “losing out” to minorities.

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Oblivious Klansman Wears Hip-Hop Brand Shoes, Doesn’t Get It

Oh good lord, would you look at this one. This charming KKK member came to a rally at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park to express his support for the Confederate flag – but he did not exactly come dressed for the occasion. He came wearing FUBU shoes … and he did not see the irony.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Know You're Yawning Wrong

Were you to start reading any article Gwyneth Paltrow were to write about having dinner with a man whom she describes as “a wonderful yogi and important quarterback for mindfulness and meditation in this country,” chances are, the first thing you would do would be to yawn. I know that’s what I did, for sure. I yawn whenever I think about Paltrow anyway. But, according to Paltrow and her wonderful yogi (who is, natch, a white dude named Michael Lear), you are a giant failure at yawning and probably doing it wrong. Shocker!

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