Richard Gunderman

The most influential scientist you may never have heard of

Alexander von Humboldt sought to see and understand everything. By the time he drew his self-portrait at age 45, Humboldt had tutored himself in every branch of science, spent more than five years on a 6,000-mile scientific trek through South America, pioneered new methods for the graphical display of information, set a world mountain climbing record that stood for 30 years and established himself as one of the world’s most famous scientists, having helped to define many of today’s natural sciences.

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The test that could save the life of a long-time smoker you know

A test called CT lung cancer screening could save the lives of tens of thousands of American smokers and former smokers every year, but only only 4% of those eligible are getting it.

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How Mussolini's fascist party is a reminder of the fragility of freedom

One hundred years ago, in March 1919, Benito Mussolini created the fascist party in Italy.

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Legal Opioid Drugs Are Far More Dangerous Than Illegal Ones

What do conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, singer Courtney Love and deceased actor Heath Ledger all have in common? The answer, according to published reports, is that all battled addiction to OxyContin, an opioid pain reliever now sometimes called “rich man’s heroin” but known on the street simply as “Killer.”

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