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Here Are 11 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Planet This Earth Day

Little changes can make a big difference It's not too late. ... our planet and the life on it—are desperate for as much data as possible, and regular folks can help them out. Your kids can join in, too. Vote for science-based policy Yes, you can and should make ...

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Millions of Americans Can't Afford to Stay Home When They're Sick With the Flu

Millions of Americans can't stay home with the flu, so it spreads

In America, paid sick leave is not guaranteed. Kids whose parents can't afford to stay home with them when they're sick also suffer. Gratisography For 20 million Americans, staying home sick is a luxury.

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Yes, UFOs Exist...But They're Probably Not What You Think

Yes, UFOs exist. But they're probably not what you think.

New video of a 2004 encounter between the U.S. Air Force and an unidentified flying object has the internet asking about aliens. We're still struggling to make sense of the things we see in the sky. DepositPhoto On a dark and otherwise serene night back in the 1960s, my grandpa, a doctor and recreational pilot, was…

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Is My Drinking Normal, or Could I Be an Alcoholic?

Is my drinking normal, or could I be an alcoholic?

Alcoholism rose 49 percent in the last decade. Nearly every group of people in the United States right now is drinking more than they did a decade ago. Deposit Photos The trouble with alcohol is that it’s everywhere. We don’t treat any other drug the way we treat alcohol, marijuana included, and in part that’s because…

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Is There a Single Food That You Can Survive on Forever?

Potatoes are close, but not close enough. Potatoes are awesome, but not enough to live off of them forever. Deposit photos For all of 2016, Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes. There were a few caveats: He ate both white potatoes and sweet ones, and sometimes mixed in soymilk, tomato sauce, salt and herbs. He also took…

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The FDA Says MDMA is a ‘Breakthrough’ Drug for PTSD Patients

The FDA says MDMA is a ‘breakthrough’ drug for PTSD patients

It's a big step forward for a controversial treatment. 'Molly' tablets often don't contain much MDMA, because they're packed with fillers. The purest way to get MDMA is in crystal form. Depositphotos Ecstasy doesn’t sound like something you do in a doctor’s office. But the Food and Drug Administration wants that to change. The FDA just…

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Reports of Nasty Side Effects From Cosmetics Are Way up, and a Single Hair Company May Be to Blame

You probably don’t realize how unsafe your shampoo could be. If she used WEN, all that hair might be blowing away already. Gratisography Ordinary shampoos contain harsh sulfates and chemicals to make lather that strip your hair of its natural oils. WEN by ChazDean doesn’t. But it does seem to contain something that makes your hair…

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The Next Lethal Drug Threat Is... Caffeine?

It’s easier than ever to die of a caffeine overdose

Just stick to coffee Coffee is just one of many ways we're now getting our caffeine Pexels A large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte, and some kind of energy drink—that's the caffeine cocktail that apparently killed 16-year-old Davis Allan Cripe last month in South Carolina, according to news reports. We don’t ordinarily think of caffeine…

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