Kendra Pierre-Louis

The Next Lethal Drug Threat Is... Caffeine?

It’s easier than ever to die of a caffeine overdose

Just stick to coffee Coffee is just one of many ways we're now getting our caffeine Pexels A large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte, and some kind of energy drink—that's the caffeine cocktail that apparently killed 16-year-old Davis Allan Cripe last month in South Carolina, according to news reports. We don’t ordinarily think of caffeine…

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Our Rivers and Lakes Contain a Scary Number of Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals

And they only tested for a fraction of the 85,000 known chemicals Pexels Rivers across the United States tested for the presence of pesticides... and caffeine From pesticides to caffeine, chemicals that affect living organisms are making their way into the nation’s rivers and streams. That's the conclusion reached by a pair of complimentary studies by…

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