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Watch: The Mainstream Media's Big 3 Blunders This Week

This week on FAIR TV: 60 Minutes went to Liberia to cover the ebola crisis.The segment by correspondent Lara Logan was moving and dramatic; but who was missing? George W. Bush is back in the news and still peddling some tall tales about the Iraq War. Plus the Fox News Channel manages to sneak a little climate change denial into a brief mention of the latest IPCC report. Fair and balanced.

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The Washington Post's 'Worthless and Whiny' Attack on Genuine Journalistic Hero Gary Webb

In 1996, in the wake of his explosive "Dark Alliance" series for the San Jose Mercury News (8/18-20/96), the Washington Post was one of the major newspapers to attack Gary Webb (FAIR Blog,  10/21/14).

It's 2014, and they're still at it.

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With $2 Billion Spent on Midterm Ads, Corporate Media Won the 2014 Elections (Video)

On FAIR TV this week:  ABC airs a GOP infomercial. We look at some good--and not so good-midterm coverage. And a CNN host does exactly the kind of report on climate change he says the media shouldn't do.

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There's a Big Problem With Time's Teacher-Bashing Cover Story

With a cover that announces "Rotten Apples: It's Nearly Impossible to Fire a Bad Teacher" alongside an image of a judge's gavel about to smash a fruit, you might suspect Time magazine (10/23/14) is doing some good old-fashioned teacher-bashing.

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Watch The Mainstream Media's Big 3 Blunders This Week

On FAIR TV this week: The mainstream media says the U.S. doesn't have a Surgeon General because 'Washington is broken'—but that is only half the story. Time magazine misrepresents Paul's Civil Rights Act rhetoric. Plus, the state of Pennsylvania wants to silence prisoners, and corporate media is missing the point.

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Mainstream Media's Top Blunders This Week: 60 Minutes' Softball Interview With FBI Director and NPR's Deference to Netanyahu

This week on the show: 60 Minutes cheers on the FBI, NPR takes Netanyahu's side on settlements, and media blur the difference between perception and reality. Watch below:

'Reluctant Warrior' Obama Bombs Yet Another Country

If there's one thing elite media seem to know for sure, it's that Barack Obama doesn't like war. One phrase in particular seems to stand out:

It was a remarkable moment for a reluctant warrior.

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Watch: The Mainstream Media Marches Us to War

On FAIR TV this week: The mainstream media marches us to war. Interviewers refuse to ask Henry Kissinger the important questions. Plus, Fox News offers a non-apology after joking about domestic violence.

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Watch The Mainstream Media's Top 3 Biggest Blunders This Week

On the show this week: On the day of his funeral, the New York Times declared that Michael Brown was "no angel." We look at that and other shoddy reporting from Ferguson. Plus Newsweek spreads farfetched fear about Ebola and African immigrants, and we look at how often union leaders appear on the Sunday chat shows. (Brace yourself.)

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CBS' Host Bob Schieffer's Absurd Claims on Gaza

Recent controversies over coverage of Gaza suggest that reporters can get into trouble over appearing too sympathetic to Palestinians (NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin) or too critical of some Israelis (CNN's Diana Magnay).

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