Neeraja Viswanathan

How Panic About Americans Joining ISIS Is Crippling the Bill of Rights

With the fall of Ramadi in Iraq and the taking of Palmyra in Syria, the war against ISIS abroad shows no sign of abating. But for the media, the real threat of ISIS is at home. Stories about Americans trying to join ISIS multiply daily, and coverage of ISIS often bleeds into paranoia, leading to a fair amount of false ISIS stories being published as real news. And since ISIS took credit for the shooting at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, (without actually presenting any connection between ISIS and the shooters) the shadow of ISIS apparently looms over America’s heartland, ready to corrupt your neighbors and friends, with only the Feds able to pluck them out.

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Why Scientology Should Have its Tax Exempt Status Revoked

In “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” filmmaker Alex Gibney documents the strange journey of the Church of Scientology, from its beginnings as a fringe self-help system with a sci-fi bent, to an organized, well-funded religion, albeit one that’s mired in controversy. The film is an expose of the Church’s practices, with serious allegations of physical and psychological abuse from ex-Scientologists, and argues that the tax-exempt status of The Church of Scientology, hard-won after forty years of legal dispute, should be revoked.

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5 Outrageous Anti-Choice Bills That Might Become Law

In the first quarter of 2015 alone, over 300 anti-abortion bills have been proposed in 43 states, according to the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute, which studies the topic. Fifty-three of these bills have passed through a legislative body.

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'Reversing' Abortions: The Anti-Abortion Movement Legislates Bad Medicine With Junk Science

Legislative language penned by anti-abortion activists has been made into law by two states, requiring doctors to advise on a procedure that has yet to be tested in a single clinical trial.

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