Nancy LeTourneau

Can Lindsey Graham win reelection as a Trump enabler?

The most significant long-term story in American politics these days is the realignment that is occurring in a few traditionally red states in the South like Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and possibly even Texas. One state at the heart of the Confederacy that isn’t feeling that transition is South Carolina. No one doubts that Donald Trump will win there in 2020, even if his margin is lower than his 14 point win against Clinton in 2016.

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Trump refuses to do the one thing that is necessary to reopen the economy

I recently wrote that we have no idea how many coronavirus cases there are in the U.S. because testing has been extremely limited. The Biden campaign just released a video that makes the same point.

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We have no idea how many coronavirus cases there are in the US

I had been scheduled to have my annual physical exam today, but last week the clinic notified me that it had been cancelled. When I called to re-schedule, the woman on the other end of the line told me that they were cancelling all non-essential appointments, not because they have been overwhelmed with coronavirus cases, but to stop people from congregating in their waiting rooms. She went on to tell me that if someone calls because they are having symptoms associated with coronavirus, they can’t test. So people are being told to self-quarantine and call 911 if they have trouble breathing.

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Why Julián Castro’s candidacy matters

The big storyline coming out of this week’s Democratic debates is the way candidates challenged each other’s history and policy proposals. But there was an extraordinary moment in Wednesday night’s debate that has gone unnoticed by commentators. It came right after Bennet made the case against impeaching Trump because Democrats need to focus on a policy agenda and Trump would only be exonerated in the Senate. Here is how Julián Castro responded.

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