Michael Carolan

This peer-to-peer lender left big finance behind to invest in community

Have you ever met someone who was sweet and kind and funny and had almost nothing in common with you? I’d place Arlene in that box—constantly asking if I would like anything to eat or drink, making dopey jokes that were often self-deprecating, and regularly using profanity to punctuate points. She also had an infectious “playground” laugh. Where we differed, and significantly, were in our respective pedigrees. She was the child of a once-famous Hollywood actress, had dated a duke, and had once made out with an Oscar winner.

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The Strange Story of Turkey Tails Speaks Volumes About Our Globalized Food System

Intensive livestock farming is a huge global industry that serves up millions of tons of beef, pork and poultry every year. When I asked one producer recently to name something his industry thinks about that consumers don’t, he replied, “Beaks and butts.” This was his shorthand for animal parts that consumers—especially in wealthy nations—don’t choose to eat.

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