Meredith Kolodner

Eligible but Got Nothing: Hundreds of Thousands of People with Disabilities Blocked from College Aid

QUEENS, N.Y. — Wendy Thompson always knew she wanted her son to go to college, but she didn’t realize so many people would disagree.

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Who's Fighting for College for the Forgotten Majority?

Free college has become the banner headline for Democrats in an effort to attract the energetic, debt-ridden millennials who flocked to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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In College Remedial Classes, Unprepared Students Get the Least-Trained Teachers

At Rutgers University-Newark, 20 college students were working through a word problem on a rainy February morning when several got stuck.

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Students on the Autism Spectrum Are Often as Smart as Their Peers: So Why Do So Few Go to College?

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Richard was one of the brightest kids in his high school class. His parents figured college was the next step, but that dream was nearly cut short in his first semester.

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Alabama Offers High School Students – and Their Parents – Tuition-Free Community College

As states focus on increasing the number of low-income students who go to college, Alabama has added another target group – their parents.

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Why Aren't Low Income Students Showing Up to College, Even When They've Been Accepted?

It’s the height of summer, and some would-be college students are starting to fade in the searing heat of bureaucratic blockades.

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Why One of the Fastest-Growing Groups of Students Can’t Get Financial Aid

Misty Aemisegger had always planned to go to college, but when her daughter was born, she decided to stay home and take care of her.

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