Margie Skeer

How to Talk to Your Kids About Opioids

By now, most people are aware of the enormity of the opioid epidemic. In 2015, over 33,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose – more from opioid pain relievers than heroin.

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Why It's Important to Just Say No to Bad Drug Policy

In all the discussions about the proposed health care law, it was easy to overlook a statement made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on March 15: “I think we have too much of a tolerance for drug use – psychologically, politically, morally… We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, ‘Just say no.’” The Conversation

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Edible Marijuana: What We Need to Know

Marijuana-infused foods – often called edibles – are becoming more and more popular in states such as Colorado, where recreational marijuana is sold. The Conversation

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