Lani Furbank

7 Tips for a Food Waste-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday that reminds all of as eaters to be grateful, especially for the season’s bounty provided by farmers, farm laborers, chefs, and food service workers. But, unfortunately, we also waste an astonishing amount of food. 

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4 Things You Can Do to Help Out Threatened Honey Bees

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 80 percent of all flowering plant species reproduce with the help of pollinator animals like bees, butterflies, birds, and more. This accounts for at least one third of the world’s food crops, including tomatoes, pepper, strawberries, coffee, apples, carrots, almonds, cocoa, and thousands of others.

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Singer-Songwriter Jack Johnson Is Teaching Kids About Food and Food Waste

Most people know Jack Johnson as an acoustic singer-songwriter, but not many are aware that he is also an environmental activist. The Hawaiian-born musician is a champion of eco-friendly practices on his music tours, and he and his wife are founders of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation​, an environmental education nonprofit.

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How a Virginia Nonprofit Is Helping Veterans Launch Careers in Farming

A nonprofit organization in Virginia has designed a potentially beneficial solution to two looming social issues in American society: the aging population of farmers and military veterans looking for new careers.

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