Kathleen Frydl

Purdue Pharma: Corporate Fraud With a Body Count

The LA Times investigation of Purdue Pharma’s manufacture and marketing of the narcotic painkiller OxyContin published last week should be regarded as a standard case study in corporate fraud.

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Is It Time to Decriminalize Heroin?

We learn of a new tragic data point in the country's struggle to confront opioid addiction on a weekly basis. As the Centers for Disease Control recentlyacknowledged, the U.S. in in the midst of an "an epidemic of drug overdose (poisoning) deaths." In receipt of this information, a number of politicians have shared their own family narratives of struggles with addiction, and even more have stepped forward with new plans to expand access to treatment and increase criminal penalties for trafficking in illicit drugs.

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Washington, DC Has Long Served as Center Stage for the Modern Drug War

Rep. Andy Harris’s (R-MD) recent appropriations rider to block marijuana decriminalization in Washington, DC is by no means the first instance of federal overreach into efforts surrounding drug policy reform in the District of Columbia. In fact, the District of Columbia has served as center stage for the policies which have served to define the modern drug war.

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