Julie Ingersoll

How the 'extreme abstinence' of the purity movement stoked shame in evangelical women

Millennial evangelicals are speaking out about the heightened emphasis on sexual purity that characterized their upbringing in that subculture.

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Why Roy Moore's Evangelical Supporters Will Never Abandon Him

Amidst shocking allegations that Roy Moore pursued relationships with girls ranging in age from 14-18 years old when he was in his 30s, a new poll shows that 37 percent of evangelicals are “more likely” to vote for Moore, while another 34 percent say that these allegations make “no difference.” Some of his supporters have upped the ante by saying that even if the allegations are proven true, they won’t think Moore did anything wrong because they didn’t actually have sex and “he was single” at the time.

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Gen. Kelly's Civil War Story Derives From 19th-Century Pro-Slavery Evangelicalism

When General Kelly noted this week that Robert E. Lee was an honorable man—and added that we could have avoided the war if people had been willing to compromise—he was rightly criticized.

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Meet the Far Right's Favorite Quack Historian

The popular dissemination of Reconstructionist ideas is evident in the framing and language used by people in the religious right, if you have an ear for it. I think of this as analogous to the way in which a New Englander can hear the difference between a Maine accent and a Boston one, or how a Southerner can tell if a speaker is from North Carolina or South Carolina; it is subtle, but it is undeniably there.

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