Jennifer Mercieca

Law and order or conspiracy? How political parties spin the impeachment battle will decide Trump's fate

The presidential impeachment battle moves to a new stage on Wednesday, when the House will conduct the first public, televised testimony.

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Why won't Democrats say they want government to solve problems?

All 10 Democratic candidates in the Houston debate Sept. 13 spoke about investing public money – taxpayer dollars – in education, health care and economic opportunity for Americans. Those ideas depend on an underlying point none of them came out and said directly: Government can help citizens live better lives and achieve their dreams.

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Fighting words for a New Gilded Age - Democratic candidates are sounding a lot like Teddy Roosevelt

There was a Republican on the Democratic Party debate stage – a Progressive Republican who sometimes liked to “speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Did you notice him?

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There's an Insidious Strategy Behind Donald Trump's Retweets

On Nov. 29, President Trump retweeted a series of videos that purported to depict violence committed by Muslims. They had originated from the account of a far-right British ultranationalist who had been convicted for harassing a Muslim. The backlash was swift, with British Prime Minister Theresa May saying “the President is wrong to have done this.”

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