Jack Mirkinson

Hillary and Trump's Crushing New York Victories Proved One Thing: The System Is in Shreds

After all of that—all the rancor and the rallies and the pandering—Tuesday’s presidential primary in New York changed…pretty much nothing about the 2016 race.

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This Is Even More Dangerous Than Trump: Why the Islamophobia Driving His Campaign Is Only Going to Get Worse

Tuesday’s presidential primary in Wisconsin brought with it a welter of statistics about the demographics and preferences of the people who went to the polls, as all primaries do. Many of these statistics will have unearthed things unique to Wisconsin, but at least one was distressingly common: 70 percent of Republican voters backed Donald Trump’s call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States. That’s a number that fits snugly into a deeply consistent pattern as the primaries go on. In state after state, roughly between 64 and 78 percent of Republican respondents say they back a proposal to bar an entire religion from American shores. The support for Trump’s idea far outstrips the number of votes he’s been getting. Republicans may not all like him, but they overwhelmingly like Islamophobia.

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The Media’s Biggest 2016 Failure Isn’t Donald Trump: It’s Ignoring the ‘Profound Crisis’ of Climate Change

Hey, did you hear the one about how the planet is dying quickly and we’re probably all doomed?

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The Clash of Trump, Bernie and Hillary Is About to Create a Huge Political Circus in New York

New York’s presidential primary almost never causes much of a ripple, but the ever-surprising 2016 campaign has changed that. Both the Democrats and Republicans are fighting unexpectedly fierce battles to the finish line, and New Yorkers are now faced with the unfamiliar sight of presidential candidates who actually care about their vote and who will spend considerable time trying to get it from them. With the primary set for April 19, New York is about to become a complete madhouse, no matter what party you’re following. As someone who lives in New York, I am filled with both excitement and dread at such a prospect.

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North Carolina’s Repugnant New Anti-LGBT Law Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

All blatantly bigoted laws are repugnant, but some feel more repugnant than others. So it was with North Carolina, whose legislature just passed a breathtakingly hateful law targeting its LGBT residents.

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NBC's Coverage of the Brussels Attack Was Stunningly Irresponsible

Horrific attacks like the one that took place in Brussels on Tuesday morning tend to bring out the worst in our elite media. The coverage usually combines the blind panic and speculation that accompany any major breaking news story with an unrelenting stoking of our most vengeful, authoritarian impulses. Tuesday’s news channels were filled with the usual scenes: an array of mostly white men speaking ominously of “soft targets” and of endless war. Most of these outlets like to pretend that calling one of these inevitably gung-ho hawks a “national security analyst” or a “law enforcement expert” somehow makes that person a non-ideological expert. Really, all it does is highlight just how narrow our conversation about terrorism and war tends to be. (Talk of peace stays far away from any table.)

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This Is the Establishment's Worst Nightmare: What Bernie & Donald's Stunning New Hampshire Wins Really Mean

Groundhog Day came a little late in the 2016 presidential election. On Tuesday night, the voters of New Hampshire collectively saw their shadows and condemned both the Democrats and the Republicans to many more weeks of electoral turmoil. That sound you hear is the Republican and Democratic National Committees freaking the hell out.

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Hillary Never Saw This Coming: Why the Democratic Primary Has Become a Battle - and Why It’s Going to Get Worse

The best thing about the Iowa caucuses, which take place on Monday, is that they are actually happening. After what feels like multiple centuries, the 2016 campaign is finally coming face to face with that most easily forgotten group of people: voters. Not polls, not pundits, but real flesh-and-blood humans. What a relief!

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Rahm Emanuel’s Catastrophic Downfall: Why It Should Be a Much Bigger Deal for Hillary Clinton

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is in big trouble. In the wake of the scandal surrounding his police department’s execution of teenager Laquan McDonald, local columnists have declared that he has permanently lost his grip on the city. More than half of Chicago residents in a recent poll said he should resign. His teary apology for McDonald’s killing got him nowhere.

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