Helen Redmond

Pioneers and 'Potpreneurs' - What Does It Mean to Be on the Verge of Legalization for a Good Chunk of the Country?

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Why NY Approach to Medical Marijuana Is Looking Like It's Going to Be One of the Worst in the Country

With the passage of the Compassionate Care Act in 2014, the State of New York joined the twenty-three states that have passed medical marijuana laws. Finally, New Yorkers will have legal access to pot. Or will they?

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The Weird Link Between Marijuana and Radical Islamists in Syria

As if the civil war in Syria that’s been raging since 2011 hasn’t caused enough violence, death and destruction, it appears that the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could be launching a war on drugs. ISIS released a video on YouTube showing a dozen armed men in a field full of marijuana plants. After denouncing the evils of growing and using drugs, the plants were uprooted, put in a pile and burned. 

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Will This Congress Be the One to Finally End Decades of Drug War Madness?

For decades the ability to study the medicinal effects of marijuana have been obstructed by the federal government. But in a sign that the marijuana landscape is changing, a bipartisan group of 30 members of Congress wrote a letter to Sylvia Matthews Burwell, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, asking her to remove barriers to obtaining the drug for research purposes. (The full letter appears at the bottom of this article.)

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The Other War in Afghanistan: How US-Led War on Drugs Devastates Impoverished Farmers and Fails to Slow the Drug Trade

Afghanistan is the number-one cultivator of opium poppies and exporter of heroin in the world, despite the United States spending $7.5 billion to eradicate the crop, according to a new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR).

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Here’s Why We Should Give E-Cigarettes to Mentally Ill People

This article originally appeared in Substance.com:

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Popular New Marijuana Product Called 'Wax' Is Now the Target of Govt. Drug Panic Propaganda

A concentrated form of marijuana known as wax or butane hash oil (BHO) is becoming more popular and its production and use increasingly controversial in states across the country.

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Thai Woman Faces Execution for Pot Possession

Death by hanging is the price 36-year-old Thitapah Charoenchuea will pay for possessing 40 pounds of marijuana. The Thai woman, a single mother of a 10-year-old daughter, was arrested in Malaysia. According to the U.S. State Department travel website, a person caught in Malaysia with 200 grams of marijuana, which is seven ounces, is presumed by law to be trafficking in drugs and will be given a mandatory death sentence.  

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New Hampshire Marijuana Law Defeated Even Though Most People Wanted to Legalize

Proponents of ending marijuana prohibition in the state of New Hampshire hoped to become the third state in the country, after Colorado and Washington, to legalize consumption of marijuana for adults over 21. Unfortunately, House Bill 492, which would have done exactly that, was defeated by a close vote in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Both Republicans and Democrats sponsored the bill.

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